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How to Keep Your Company Data Safe from Hackers

by Naveen Agarwal
How to Keep Your Company Data Safe from Hackers

Gone are the days when cybersecurity was a thing of luxury. In are the days when it is deemed more like a necessity. It is crucially important for the businesses to redeem themselves with the best of safety and security when it comes to safeguarding the company data security. This is the right time to get all defensive about your digital systems before it is too late.

Here are eight such battle-tested ideas to get you some thinking on how to keep your company can keep up with data safety. Let’s get started.

  1. Train and Educate your Team
  2. Get an SSL certificate 
  3. Finding the right ISP
  4. Change Passwords Frequently 
  5. Limit access to irrelevant sites 
  6. Stay up to date 
  7. Say yes to Encryption 
  8. Take the help of professionals 

Train and Educate your Team

No line of security will perform the best if you do not have an educated team to look after it. When any of your staff does an accidental or careless action, it becomes very easy for a hacker to break into your system. One such commonly committed crimes is that of phishing. In this hacking technique, a genuine-looking email is sent out to the employees which are actually fake. Via phishing, all of your login credentials can be submitted to the hacker. Long story short, it is really important for you to train and educate your staff on the importance of website security.

Get an SSL Certificate 

SSL stands for secure socket layer, and an SSL Certificate is a must for securing website. Basically, it is a procedure that ensures that the channels between a computer and a website stays secured, no matter what. You will come across sites that run on an HTTPS and not just HTTP. The extra ‘S’ at the end shows that the site is secured and owns an SSL certificate. When you get yourself an SSL Certificate, all of your data and your customer’s transactions are safe and non-hackable. You may find cheap SSL certificate easily available in SSL industry that can fit in your budget and can be installed on the server too.

Finding the Right ISP

While you are all set to choose an internet provider, have second thoughts beyond just the price range and speed, as there are a couple of other things to prioritize too. Go for an internet service provider that has the option of in-built security. After an ISP checks out in an online format, what matters in the second position is the connection speed and affordability. On a personal suggestion go for the one which fills in three of these criteria. In that way, you will get the best of both worlds – or in this case, the best of three worlds.

Change Passwords Frequently 

One of the best ideas you can think of that is as easy as a cakewalk is a password. Yes, you heard that right. Your password has a strong role to play in safeguarding your security. It is deemed wiser to update your passwords frequently. Do not keep the same password hanging for over a year or reuse some old passwords. That is a big NO in the security space. Although it might look like a pain, but frequently change your password once in a month or so. This keeps the cyber thieves at bay and makes it impossible for them to break into your system.

Limit access to Irrelevant Sites 

The chances of a security reach decrease when you limit your access to some of the irrelevant sites. Similarly blocking some of the unnecessary sites will decrease the chance of being spammed and carrying the virus along. It is always safer to practice online safety on a daily basis. To ensure the best of your website’s security and you keep the hackers away, it is imperative to know the dos and especially the don’ts too. From now on, ensure that only the necessary users have the access to your data.

Stay Up to Date 

The cyber hackers will bid goodbye to break into your system if they see you are updated. Staying updated ensures that your security is not easily compromised. Failing to update your software can allow the hackers to dive in and have a little party inside your system. To check with the vulnerability aspect and to see that the data safety in your system is not compromised, start updating your system. Aside from this, if you have any files of data that are no longer needed by you, delete them right away without any further ado.

Say Yes to Encryption

Nothing infuriates a customer more than seeing their data stolen from your business. It gives rise to high churn rates where a customer might leave doing business with you permanently. If you don’t want them to choose your competition over you, you need to start encrypting right away. A properly done encryption is useful in protecting information that has already been stored in the cloud. Not only that, it is highly helpful in keeping your internal email credentials confidential, private, and safe too. Therefore, it is a must that you encrypt all of your data before it is too late.

Take the Help of Professionals 

It will all go in vain if you are not leaving it in the hands of the professionals. Dealing with cybercriminals could be one daunting task if not led by the specialists. The professional team has all the know-how and the resources to tackle these sensitive issues. On top of that, their expertise and knowledge will be extremely fruitful to you and will ensure your company data security. And when it comes to your safeguarding and safety of your customers it is advised to take no backseat. The second a customer sees any compromise on the security point, they will leave.

That’s a Wrap 

It is said ‘It is easier said than done’. However, see that all of the above practices are practiced by you from time to time. It is no good news to learn that some of your customers have left doing business with you. This will also impact the course and reputation of your business as well. Therefore, before you hit rock bottom it is of high pertinence that you take all the safety precautions.

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