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How To Keep Your Office Space Clean

by Naveen Agarwal
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As people gradually gravitate back to the office after a long period of home working, you would be forgiven for feeling a little uncertain. Months at home has created a certain bubble and it may be challenging returning to the office. You may also be concerned about keeping your place of work clean for staff to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and safe. What should you consider?

Professional cleaning

If you manage business premises you should have already made adjustments to make the space Covid safe. It might be wise to enter the space before the staff return and find ways to declutter to make the office inviting. You should also consider using professional services to provide a deep clean, for example, if you search cleaning services Manchester you will find various deep cleaning options covering a large area and offering one-off cleans or regular services. Using a professional service will give you peace of mind and allow you time to concentrate and get the business thriving again.

Accessible cleaning

When staff return it is important everyone takes responsibility for the cleanliness of the premises. Providing cleaning equipment in communal kitchens, toilets and other public areas will encourage staff to use them and help keep germs and dirt at bay. Always provide workers with sanitizing spray and wipes. Try to limit the number of surfaces that need touching. If the finances allow, consider installing swinging doors, self-flushing toilets and hand driers for a more hygienic solution and reduce the risk of spreading viruses.

Encourage staff to clean appliances such as computer keyboards, kettles, printers, scanner etc regularly as these can easily trap dirt particles and be a breeding place for germs.

Set Rules

Before Covid, you may have had a relaxed approach to cleanliness within the office environment. However, you may need to introduce some rules to ensure maximum cleanliness. For instance, ask staff not to eat at their desk as crumbs can accumulate in various crevices and cause bacteria to grown and cause illness.


It would be useful when staff return to call a meeting to discuss the expectations when it comes to office hygiene. Mutual responsibility and a shared goal will help all maintain safe levels of germ control. It is also good to note that productivity is significantly increased when workers are in a clean and tidy environment. Messy offices cause messy minds and employers want staff to work at full capacity for the needs of the business.

It is also vital to remind employees that clean offices will result in less sickness, Covid or otherwise, so it is beneficial to everyone to cooperate.


It is easy to forget things when engrossed in work and all the tasks required during the working day. You can help provide reminders by placing posters and government guidance information throughout the workplace so extra caution becomes a habit. It takes a while to form new habits but with multiple repetitions, the brain will adjust and extra cleanliness will become second nature.

Keeping the office space clean should be a priority. Newly enforced rules and guidelines will help the transition back to the physical office to be a smooth process and staff will feel safe and secure as the world tries to regain its ‘normal’ once again.

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