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How to Maintain Your MacBook

by Naveen Agarwal
How to Maintain Your MacBook

No matter how solid and smooth processing the mac computers run, the resistance from slow-pace, recurring techy problems and irritating bugs comes hard. But then, these common issues do not nullify the ways to ensure the best health and performance of your MacBook. This article brings you healthy ways to take care of your MacBook.

Ways to Take Care of MacBook

If you are willing to avoid the mayhems in your Mac performance and stiffen it against the tiresome and those unwelcomed bugs and viruses, you have to do a motherly check-up on it and rid it of anything that’s nothing but a threat to its system.

Here are the best ways to maintain your MacBook and keep it young and happy.

1. Run a Regular CleanUp

It makes sense. Doesn’t it? Nothing good comes out of letting all your files eat the space and exhaust it. In order to keep the system from freaking out, to clean and speed up your Mac is one of the first go-to fixes ever. You must clean out the unnecessary files, photos & videos, documents etc. from time to time. Apart from that, you can use an external hard drive to store/backup important files and keep about 5 to 10% of disk space always free.

2. Eliminate the Programs that Run in Background

In the midst of multiple chores to do with a MacBook, it is possible that you hardly have any attention left for the services and utilities that run in the background. Cloud services, file-sharing networks, Bluetooth and many other such utilities and services tend to run in the background and secretly weaken the RAM. To keep tabs on such apps, you can simply stop at the top right corner of the screen and then check the navigation bar to see how many icons are existing there.

3. Save Your Mac from Malware

There is a slight chance that you overlook the room of malware in your MacOS. The time you spend in believing that your MacBook isn’t that weak to let any malicious program eat it up to destruction is the time the malware builds up the piles from different dimensions that target your MacOS.

The way MacBooks are burgeoning in the world of popular and most preferred devices, the chances of its being vulnerable to the threats increase easily.

But you can make up to your Mac’s health by downloading any trusted anti-malware or antivirus software. It is best to perform a regular scan on your computer in order to detect any infection and threats and block them once and for all.

4. Keep the System Up to Date

Check and recheck if it is time for the installation of latest updates in your MacOS. If yes then take out some time, give your MacBook a break and let it rejuvenate itself with fresh updates. Remember, the outdated processes will pour no good into your Mac and only dump it into the sluggish performance.

5. Use Disk Utility

Running the Disk Utility program is one of the effective ways to make sure that your hard drive is safe and sound. You can use Disk Utility to manage the repair disk permissions as well as the disk itself. If you think that there is any glitch in your hard drive then perhaps seeking Disk Utility to is the best option.

6. Don’t Overlook the Battery

Taking care of the battery health of your MacBook is as essential as any other way to maintain it. While you charge your MacBook, make sure to unplug the charger as soon as the battery reaches 100% charging.

In order to keep the battery moving, it is better to not leave the charger plugged to your Mac. Besides, the best way to keep the battery cycle up is to keep the battery percentage as minimal as 50-70% when you don’t intend to use it much.

7. Clean the Desktop

You may prefer the important programs and apps conveniently visible on your desktop but this preference of yours gradually ends up slowing down the RAM. The apps and files demand a part of RAM to showcase the icons on your desktop and thus, the processes become slower when it comes to using the computing resources on other tasks.

It is recommended to store your apps and other files in separate folders. The best way to avoid this clutter is to keep as little number of programs on desktop as possible.

8. Keep Your MacBook Healthy and Happy

Given that there are truckloads of techniques and tools that aid in betterment of Mac performance and lead optimal utilization, this list of ways hold the universal fixes that should never be skipped.

From installing the latest updates to hit a timely cleanup, from paying extra attention to those devious malware activities and wiping them off right away to even the battery checkup, every single fix has its own importance. While you can seek any trusted software at the time of mishaps, watching the back of your Mac with system’s pre-existing fixes is unparalleled.

What’s your take on this article? How do you think the MacBook can be taken best care of for a long run? Feel free to hit the opinions and suggestions in the comment box.

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