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How To Make Money On Instagram

by Naveen Agarwal
Make Money On Instagram

We’re putting everything we experience on social media and spend hours watching what is new in the world around us.

So, at one point or another, you probably started thinking ‘’Well, I may as well get paid for this amount of time I invest in my posts!’’, right?

We all know about influencers who make their success look like it is the easiest job ever, but where do I find that many followers? Luckily for you, there’s the easiest solution ever – buy them.

‘’If they can do it, I can do it’’ and with a little help from Easy Fans, you’re right.

You can make your dreams come true whether you want to earn some extra money or you want to turn your Instagram profile into your kingdom.

There are a couple of obstacles on the way, though. Follow these few simple rules and get that successful lifestyle going.

How Many Followers Do I Need?

Not as many as you think! Instead of the number of followers, it all comes down to their engagement in your posts.

Plus, as a career on Instagram is something almost everyone is interested in these days, you can make it easier for yourself and buy likes, or even views (for a start, at least).

After you gathered enough audience, it’s time to build your strategy for money-making.

Partnering With Brands

Influences are trendsetters and they build their reputation by sharing opinions and experience with a specific brand.

As we all trust our favourite influencers, brands reach out to them to build a good reputation among us by paying them to put a good word out there.

At one point, if you become an influencer, you’re going to have the freedom to choose from various brands to work with.

What To Charge And How Much?

Getting a deal with brands includes deciding what to charge and how much – it involves creating ads, posts, videos and Instagram Stories.

Also, the deal can refer to only one post or an entire campaign. Whatever the case is, you’re doing them a ‘’favour’’ in exchange for money, a free product, a gift, or something else.

Some influencers state they charge $200 – $400 per post!

How To Find Brands

Know your audience!

Look for brands that have something in common with you and your followers – their values, characteristics and products.

You can contact them directly and tell them what you have to offer, or you can put yourself on a marketplace list (such as Grapevine or Crowdtape), which can help you to be discovered.

Become An Affiliate

This is an alternative option where you can help the brand with making sales!

Unlike an influencer, an affiliate is more active and puts promo code on the post or trackable link in your bio (as Instagram still doesn’t allow putting them in posts).

This is a better and faster way for popularity and success, as you direct impact on the brand and your followers!

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