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How To Prevent Your IP Address From Being Tracked

by Naveen Agarwal
Prevent Your IP Address from Being Tracked

Your IP address is a unique identification code that tells services and websites who you are. It is like a public ID that tells the network and servers where to send the requested information. But many sites log your IP address and start spying on you to deliver you the best advertisements to get you to spend more money. You can also prevent your IP address from being tracked by doing some of the main techniques which we have mentioned below.

Why Should You Hide Your Ip Address

Have you ever thought about everything you do online is keep tracing by someone at every time? Your IP address is like an identification card that tells servers where your traffic is coming from. It is directly connected to your device so there is no way to change it directly. You can buy any other device or use any good VPN like RusVPN by purchasing them at cheap with RusVPN Coupon Code. There can be so many reasons for which you should hide or shield your IP address.

  • Prevent Ad Networks: You might not know but whenever you signup or login for Google and other servers you give them permissions to look into your history. Companies catch your browsing history and other details to provide you a relevant advertisement according to your current searches. This kind of marketing provides brands good results for their product sales. But if you feel uncomfortable getting your every online move watch you should hide your IP address from these Ad networks.
  • Hide Your Online Activity from ISP: Like ad networks, your internet service provider also can track your activity through your IP address. If you are living in the USA then there is no restriction exist that stops ISP’s from doing it. This can put your personal data at high risk because ISP can sell browsing history to the ad and marketing companies. So it makes it more important to shield your IP address from others.
  • Shield Data From Gov.t Surveillance: In some countries, the government keeps an eye on the internet activity of their citizens. And there is no secret that other countries can also implement this in the future. We know you doing nothing wrong but you also do not want to spy on by the government.

Is Hiding Your IP Address Illegal?

No, it is not illegal to hide your IP address from others. You are free to hide it from the government, ad networks, and other services. Although some people think that you are doing something wrong or against the law by using a VPN or any other technique. But it is not technically wrong to shield your IP address and it is also not against the law.

3 Best Ways To Hide Your IP Address

You can hide your IP in various ways but we have mentioned the best 3 methods to hide it from others. Each method offers its own blend of security and privacy.

Use VPN: It is the most preferable and easiest way to hide your IP address. A virtual private network encrypts your server to the internet by hiding your IP address. You might hear about it, VPN hides your IP address not only in the browser. It also makes your IP inaccessible in applications which you used on your devices. When you use a virtual private network it drives your traffic through the server provided by your VPN service.

Tor Browser: Tor is a free network that provides you multiple layers of encryption while surfing online. It also prevents third parties from reaching your IP address and other details. But to get a secure environment you have to sacrifice the speed of your searches. According to the users, the Tor network is slower as compared to other services. It is the trade that you have to do to get a protected space to browse things.

Use Proxy: If we talk about proxy then it controls your internet traffic on your behalf. Like a VPN most of the proxy servers are able to mask your IP address. But you have to select the right proxy to shield your IP and activity on the internet. There are 3 types of proxies from which you choose yours. The transparent proxy neither hides your IP address nor the use of VPN. On the other hand, the anonymous proxy can provide you an IP mask but it cannot hide your use of the proxy. Elite Proxy can be the one-stop solution because it can mask both your IP address or as well as the use of the proxy.


  • Can I hide my IP address without a VPN?

As we mentioned above that you can use proxy or tor network to make your IP address invisible to third parties.

  • How do hackers hide their IP?

Most of the hackers are used to use the Onion Router. It is the most popular method use by hackers to hide their activities on the internet.

  • Can hackers be traced?

Yes, hackers also can be tracked by their IP address. But usually, hackers are smart enough to mask their IP addresses from third parties.

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