How to Protect Private Data and Secure Your External Hard Drive

Have you ever wonder what it would be like losing your important data from your storage devices? What will you feel when all your data would be removed from your external hard drive, USB or memory card? Similarly, how it may look when your private data is lost?

But No Worries! You can avoid such incidences by getting high quality and reliable external hard drives. For instance, Shop Carmel provides you a wide range of reliable and high quality flesh devices, memory card and hard drives. Also, make sure to secure your data otherwise you will face drastic challenges.

What If the Data Saved on These Devices Misplaces?

Misplacement surely sounds more horrific than deleting or losing data. As, the misplaced data can be utilized by any third party for unforeseen purposes, good or bad. Let’s take the example of NYC Fire Department data breach.

An employee of New York City FD had reported to have lost one of company’s external hard drives. Moreover, the hard drive was bearing data of medical records of patients. This data was huge as it was of seven years’ data. Therefore, the New York City FD on 9th of August, 2019 was directed to notify all patients.

It was troublesome for the department because the data was of 10,000 patients. Therefore, they had to reach all of those 10,000 patients. That is how misplacement of private data may sound. Thereby, such situations can result into detrimental data breach.

Considering the losses data breach causes, we have enlisted some ways to protect your private data by securing your external hard drive.

How to Avoid Data Breach?

To avoid data breach, you need to encrypt your external storage and USB peripherals devices. Regardless, your data crucial or not, you will always prefer to secure it so that hackers will not make a way to it.

Hackers know well how to find ways to reach out all of your data including the seemingly innocuous one. The data they hack is then used for malicious attacks in future. However, by encrypting a flash drive or external hard drive you can make it much challenging for hackers to access your data.

Firstly, encryption is the most workable process to avoid unauthorized access of attackers to your private data. Let’s have a more in-depth look into what actually encryption is and how it works.

Encryption: The Way to Protect Private Data and Secure Your External Hard Drive

Encryption is a successful method for protecting private data because it helps secure your external hard drives. It protects your data by executing these actions:

  • Encryption utilizes complex algorithm for converting every message with respect to its date.
  • Each message converts into characters’ string.
  • These strings are illegible.
  • The encryption key specifies this transformation of data.
  • To convert data into original (legible) format, the encryption key is used.
  • However, this encryption is same for both illegible and legible format.

Categories of Encryption

There are two broad categories of encryption that helps you in protecting your private data and securing your external hard disk drives. These categories are:

  • Symmetric
  • Asymmetric

These are categorized on the basis of similarity of keys used for decryption and encryption. Moreover, asymmetric encryption is done when you get a private and public key for your private data saved in external hard disk drive. Therefore, if you share your hard disk with anyone in public your data will remain saved.

Furthermore, no one can access your private data in that hard disk because this type of encryption provides you with a private key. This private key is just known to you and will not allow others to access your private data. However, you need to keep it in secret.

You can decrypt your private data by utilizing your private key. Although, the data was encrypted by using the public key but it cannot be decrypted using this key at all. Therefore, it creates a safe and sound system for encryption.

On the other hand, symmetric encryption provides you the same key to be used for decryption and encryption purposes. Such encryption is good if you are assured that you will not share your external hard drive disk with anyone.

Tips by Shop Carmel for Encrypting External Hard Drive

  • Individually encrypt all documents by programs for processing documents.
  • Utilizing a system for encryption encrypt your external hard drive thoroughly.
  • This system is built in the OS of your device.
  • For encrypting hard drives or your data, utilize 3rd party encryption service.
  • Prefer external hard drives with encrypted hardware.