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How to Recover Deleted Browser History on Android

by James Vinse
How to Recover Deleted Browser History on Android

Sometimes we are compelled to delete our browsing history. Unfortunately, sometimes we are overly enthusiastic in our deletions and realize too late the error of our ways. Fret not, for it is possible to retrieve your deleted browser history. This article will tell you how to recover it for your Android mobile device.

How to Retrieve Your Browsing History on an Android Device

If you have an Android device, you are almost certain to have Google Chrome preinstalled. Chrome is the most used web browser for Android. The easiest and most straightforward way to recover deleted browser history is to have Chrome on your mobile device synchronized to your Google account. Often, you sync your Google account when you set up your newly purchased Android phone or tablet. When you sync your Google account, it allows all your devices, from your mobile phone to your tablet and PC, to share your Google data. This data includes your preferences and browser history, for example.

Once synced, you can look for deleted browsing history on your other devices, such as your PC, through your Google account. 

Recovering Your Browser History on PC

To recover your Android browser history, get to your synced laptop or PC and go to the Google Dashboard. Once there, you will be able to access all your account activity. From this dashboard, you can see all the websites and bookmarks accessed from your Android device in addition to your computer searches.

So, step by step, recovering your deleted Android Chrome browser history from a laptop or PC will look like this:

  • Go to your Google dashboard.
  • Scroll down until you find an option titled Web & App Activity.
  • Click on Go to Web & App Activity.
  • Once on the Web & App Activity page, scroll down, and you will see your activity listed from the most recent.
  • Find the website you were looking for and voilà! All is not lost.

Recovering Your Browser History on an Android Device

You can also do the reverse from your Android mobile device. Find your Google app and open that. You will see the More option at the bottom of this page (with three dots above it). Click that, and it will open a page with your search history on it. Open your search history, and you will find your web activity from all your devices there.  Google has got you covered.

Recovering Your Browser History Without a Google Account

What if you didn’t sync your Google account? There’s data recovery software for that. You can find some free options out there, but most of them will only recover a certain amount of data. If you need to recover a lot of it, you may have to pay for an app. For specific instructions on how to retrieve your data, consult the documentation of the app you decide to use.

Final Thoughts

Going forward, it is probably in your best interest to sync your Google account with Chrome on your Android phone. Keeping your data synced will save you from headaches like this, and you’ll also enjoy other benefits synchronization has to offer. Chrome almost always comes preinstalled on your Android device. If not, it is free and easy to install from the Google Play app store. 

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