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How To Setup a Wireless Network Using a Wireless Access Point

by Naveen Agarwal
WiFi Access Point

Hello, today I will explain to you what is the wireless access point (WAP). Many of you know what a wireless access point is. And if you haven’t used it before don’t want to go ahead. Jump here and talk about wireless access points. First of all, we need to understand what is traditional wired network & where our wireless access points go. So, we have it in this diagram. Here we have a local area network which is your common land. It describes the type of network that occurs at your home. In this particular diagram, we have a host computer that is wired to a router that is wired to a router that provides access to the Internet.

This tells of a wired network hp smart array p220i controller, which will be the same as your home, so we need to understand that our host here is wired to our network first and this is your common local area network or LAN. Now what will happen is a host that needs to access the network wirelessly, then we need a specific type of device called an access point or wireless app so that the wireless network is properly used. Can. Come with built-in wireless connectivity so that the router in your home is usually a combo device with a router and a switch, and just a wireless APP built into a preamble if you’re just passing by there. We need this wireless app to provide wireless access to our network and whenever we do that whenever we install a wireless app we have a WLAN or a wireless local area network that we can say Our viral ss access point provides access to the network or LAN wirelessly and when we do this it is called wireless LAN, so we need to know more information about the wireless network and a piece. Why do you know that all wireless accessories and wireless LANs fall under the standard 802.11 which is triple E802.11 and of course you may have read or seen or heard this term before.


We have many different flavors of 802 which in 11 we have ABG and AC. Right now these papers represent different forms of 802.11 standards and they represent different speeds. Different WAN widths are different data rates and the kind of stuff we’re not going to dive into. In all of them, I want you to understand what they really are, generally correct because if you have noticed that before now you know what they usually mean then there is some more information. Which we should know very well in which field we are. There are different names for our access points, we can call them a whip for a lap or small authority which is a wireless access point or we can just say AP or access point or we can just say a wireless AP. Who can say install wireless AP? Hey Bob can you tell me where the AP is located or he’s giving me that whip or let’s set up this whip so that there are many different ways that we’ll actually hear them call.

Finally guys, I want to wrap it up with a few different types of wireless access points that you will see as the first type like we are here in this picture and it is a standalone wireless access point so that you have your regular local network so that you Can reach its access point. Take it, you plug it into your network that has a standalone wireless access point, just one access point to provide wireless access to the ground providing wireless access that fixes a wireless LAN that is another type of controller. Which is now based. This is the type of AP you are going to see in the field most often and why we mean things like enterprise networks or large networks and by the controller. A controller is a server that connects all wireless access points. And allows you to control. By them. Just a pane of glass through space so you can see how it would be very easy for a very large network that has a lot of wireless apps that control you. The network can have all the access points that you have hundreds of There are access points that you can control from a single location or a single server, so controller-based applications are designed to connect to that type of server. And then the last type of wireless AP is actually the one I was referring to earlier and it’s like a router with a built-in access point, so the router at your home that gives you internet access is probably the best at that time. is. There is more time when you go to Walmart. Go to one of these locations or buy or buy something like a D-Link router or linkage router or do something once Net gear that usually it is a router that has built-in wireless access and is actually a triple combo. The device is’ a router will have a switch and a wireless app built into a single device.

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