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Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Review: The Solar Roof Is Really Good For One Thing

by Naveen Agarwal
Hyundai Sonata Hybrid Review The Solar Roof Is Really Good For One Thing

Cars are the new obsessions of people. For some it’s just an asset, like merely having it to show off and spending the money that’s coming out of pocket. While for some it is a big matter of deal, an investment and possibly a dream that’s coming true. Whatever may be the reason, but we all know deep in our heart we all want to have our dream car of ours.

In this market, there is a wide availability of cars within different varieties, and price ranges. Even some of them can be customized accordingly, as per our choices and also the money which is a big matter.

Today’s new addition in the market is the “Hyundai Sonata Hybrid.”  Yes you got that right.

  • Eco-friendly or environmentally friendly is the new catch phrase of the automotive industry. Hyundai Sonata’s comes up with a smashing design with the main focus to drive pollution free energy. Their aspiration to become a smart mobility device, is what made them create this design in this 3rd generation with many new applications.
  • Hyundai Sonata Hybrid is a marvelous car which adds to the addition of Hyundai cars. The features of this car are equipped just amazingly. It has A-192 horsepower hybrid Powertrain, six-speed automatic transmission, LED highlights, then hands free trunk lid, key ignition and entry, special dual-zone automatic climate control, 16 inch aluminum wheels and last but not the least the solar roofs. Fatherly, it has an upscale cabin, a generous list of safety standards and information, features and has one of the longest warranties on the market.
  • Talking about the solar roofs, it bought in the mechanism of seriously being eco-friendly. The system of working on the solar roof is quite simple. When sunlight is absorbed by the batteries on the solar panel, the electricity is produced. This electricity after being processed through various mechanisms is stored in both the starter battery and the drive battery. Now, the drive battery helps in extending the driving distance and the starter battery reduces the time needed by the alternative to charge the starter. In turn all this will lead to a fuel efficiency and adding less burden on the engine.

So, by this Hyundai gets a great fuel economy and delivers plenty of power for many driving scenarios. Even the battery lasts for 6-10 years on an average. The maintenance is quite easy, as now the mechanics are trained very well and willing to work on the Hybrids. Other than this normal maintenance is required.


With this wide span of collections definitely adds to a high price composition. But it costs near around 20lakhs which is quite affordable for the section of people who are ok with this price. As this is a great deal and surely will not let you down.

Because we have seen how over the years Hyundai has dean other modellationship with us, especially the trust. Even those who have this model have been given positive and constructive reviews like “the engine, the outlook and all other stuff” in businessbytes.

One should take this model in view, if their budget is around this much. As it is like a box contained with all the best features which easily deals with the present situations and with the best possible price. If you are not satisfied with the model, then you can try other models of this brand which will surely impress you and your family.

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