ncert solutions for class 10 maths

The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is one of the most important education boards in India. Since 2010, it has announced the board exams will be optional for Class 10 students. The objective is to eliminate the fear that the average students otherwise have for ‘board exam’. It is also reducing their exam stress. Those opting out of this board exam pattern were evaluated on the basis of CCE (Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation) method that has been introduced. But with Rajesh Kumar Chaturvedi becoming the new chairman of the CBSE board, class 10 board exams have been made compulsory again in July 2016. Students desiring to increase their marks percentage should avail ncert solutions for class 10 maths.

Importance of class 10 board exams

  • Learn to manage as well as channelize stress: The purpose to make the board exam optional was to eliminate undue stress experienced by the majority of the students. The perspective was rather to change the mindset towards ‘stress’. Rather, the exam process is to be considered to be an overall experience that the 14–15-year-old child derives. By sitting for this exam, he/she learns to manage and tackle stress as well as inculcate habits like prioritization, time management, scheduling, planning, etc. It is essential to stop focusing only on negative impacts caused by stress. Rather, it also offers some positive effects such as enhanced productivity. The brain is compelled by stress to open up and use more of its abilities, thereby increasing overall productivity. By availing class 10 and class 9 maths ncert solutions from the experts like Cuemath, you can excel in your board exam.
  • Keeping options open: Giving the board exam is compulsory if you are planning to move to another board like ICSE to pursue higher studies. Thus, you can derive plenty of options after giving the board exam.
  • Get some experience of how Class 12 board exams will be: Board exams conducted by the CBSE should rather be considered as trial runs to appear for the class 12 board exams. Sitting with students belonging to other schools inducing teachers coming from different schools to conduct the exams as invigilators is sure to be a novel and intimidating experience for most students especially in higher classes. Hence, it will be wise to make the most of Class 10 exams to be familiar with such situations. This will allow students to become comfortable when giving the class 12 boards, the results of which, determines your further education progress.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses: Class 10 board exams can be termed to be a wonderful litmus test. It provides a clear indication of your strengths and weaknesses as you can compare your studies and knowledge gained by competing against students of this class from across the country. Competition is vital and also considered to be a way of life. You cannot escape it, including its experience. It will be wise to derive this competitive experience at a very earlier stage in life. As boards are conducted across the nation, not performing well in the class 10 boards will help you understand where you are weak and what needs to be done to perform much better. Sense of satisfaction and achievement in the board exam is sure to outweigh your happiness of performing well in internal exams held at school level.
  • Helps you learn: The truth is no person will want to face pressure of any type at any point in life. However, there are some stages where pressure is experienced, and you are to face it. Board exams tend to serve as a learning experience. It allows you to learn a lot to deal with tough situations and extreme pressure as well as to come up with viable solutions for the same. Also, you get to learn the different ways to manage time effectively, multitask and derive the very best opportunities even under pressure situations. Thus, you become tough and learn to excel in your studies, career and life.