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Importance of Cloud Hosting for Developers

by Devin Jones

Cloud hosting has been relevant in the market for like a decade now. Still, many doubt the capabilities of cloud hosting. But if you ask a developer then he would explain to you the real picture. Things have been magically transformed since cloud hosting has geared up and the time has never been better for the developers.

There was a time in the past when apart from worrying about developing the software, developers had to struggle for memory and space issues.  Tools and technologies keep on making themselves better but for smooth development, the cloud has proved to be the best one-stop solution.


The market of software or application development is getting saturated with different kinds of technology and thus has exponentially increased the expectations of the users. Everyone demands user-friendly apps that in some or the other way decrease time and improves the efficiency of our daily tasks.  All such frequent enhancements with error-free ways to do work are such expectations that are completely understandable. Cloud hosting comes with such advantages that directly and indirectly helps you in meeting the expectations of your clients’ way too early. Its uniqueness and benefits are so specific that no other technology could have done it better.

So now why is it so special for the developers and how cloud hosting has escalated their experience of coding?

Gone are the days when developers used to do coding on local systems but this would not have been continuing for long. As soon as the developers compared the proficiencies of working locally with working on the cloud, there was no turning back. Without any doubt working on cloud hosting was much more flexible and quicker. The potential that the cloud holds makes the range off its application very much varied and ample amount of advantages.

But does all the cloud hosting plans have the capability to help application developers and software developers in actually getting benefitted?

There are cloud hosting providers that have specially designed service models that set all the standards according to the requirement of the software or application. Starting from the computing to storage and networking to resource requirement all is covered and combined very beautifully.

Some of those traditional computing methods at some point in time have to compromise with complex implementations. Whereas, when once your software or application is hosted over a good cloud hosting plan future seems bright. It has reached a level where the majority of the applications and software already rely on cloud hosting and there is no second thought given on cloud adoption.

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Let’s get into the unique advantages that cloud hosting comes with-

–  Consolidated Development Environment

There was a time when developers had to build a specialized development environment whenever they had to think about developing software. Software or application development is not a thing that developers plan to happen overnight and have been working the very next day. Still, the cloud environment can be close to an optimum environment for the host. As it releases a lot of pain that developers used to face while configuring any new project. The cloud hosting platform always comes jet packed with sufficient computing power, storage, and other necessary tools for the creation of any application. The API of the whole cloud environment is very simple to see through and simple streamlined following the development process. 

–  No Surcharging 

The pricing model in which a cloud hosting package is planned is very much affordable. Most of the cloud hosting providers plan their packages in a way wherein you will have to pay only for those resources which will be used. No extra charges are charged upfront which makes the cloud hosting model of development very value for the money. To describe in easy words, it is paid as per use model and if any extra charges have been put up then a proper review can be asked for. This model of charging is not only cost-effective but also saves a lot of resources that were going into waste before. Hence, this feature of cloud hosting is satisfying for both the developers as well as the management of any organization. 

–  Resources Endured

Situations cannot always be merry go round, as there will times when resources will start to deplete. You might be wondering what developers used to do in situations like these? So usually developers used to arrange the resources by themselves. But clearly, this is not any of the responsibility of a designated developer. But in a cloud hosting environment, developers are assigned with the required amount of resources beforehand. This becomes very handy for the developer who wants to limit the costs incurred and also want to scale the resources being utilized. The developers can buy resources as and when required which means you need not pay for any resource before it has been put into use. 

–  Substantial Backup

When a developer starts to code, he or she also cannot assure that there won’t be sudden glitches and unwanted situations. A platform on which the development has to be performed needs to be redundant-less and should be loaded with disaster recovery plans. The cloud hosting platform is the most suitable when it comes to replicating data and providing backup. They are pre-incorporated with restoring system tools. But the best part is that such recovery systems are not charged with any extra fees. Thus a user only has to pay for the hardware and the rest is taken care of automatically. 

–  Perfect Fitting Model For All

Irrespective of the technology, cloud hosting has the best fitting model for all. It does not work on the mantra of one-size-fits-all and understands the unique requirements of many. The cloud hosting environment offers mainly 3 main models that are IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and SaaS (Software as a Service). One can freely choose any one of them that suits their business module perfectly. Each of these infrastructures is unique in their way. Once you will find the perfect one it can take the developing experience to a whole new level.

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All The Dimensions Covered Within a Cloud Hosting Environment

Although IT is the most evolving field, but not a better technology than the cloud has been found by the developers to date. If there are still some of them who are not sure whether to deploy their system over the cloud then they are missing out a lot. Data integrity and data recovery in which cloud takes pride in making your network less vulnerable to disasters and more secure. One will only think of any other platform other than cloud hosting when they would want to pay more or are not looking for a scalable, cost-efficient, and unlimited computing power. For the rest of them, cloud hosting is at your service.

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