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Industrial IoT & Mobile Apps for GPS Trackers

by Naveen Agarwal
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Tracking helps pet owner know their movement and prevent loss. Besides, tracking devices for pets have evolved over the years. We have a different form of trackers, from Bluetooth /Wi-Fi enabled to GPS trackers. Industrial embedded IoT products are pushing advancement in the development of wearables in the electronics parts market like this article posted on oemsecrets.com ESP8266 Arduino Wi-Fi Module.

Importance of a Tracker

Sometimes we loss things and take so long to find them. A tracker has come by and made things easier as we now can keep track of our valuables, luggage, and pets and loved ones.

Depending on one’s needs, some trackers cover a specific range and others are good as can cover various countries if GPS enabled.

We use trackers for our family and valuables, it can be pets, vehicles, elders, children to keep them from getting lost.

In addition, trackers are great for patients with Alzermers disease. The market is flooded with numerous trackers but choosing the best can be difficulty. Trackers come with different and unique features, we have researched and come up with the best in the market that can suit your dogs and cat’s needs. According to rangersdog.com, certain dog breeds that display active traits of a working dog like springer spaniel might need a gps tracker as they might wonder off into the woods whilst out for a walk, however, a sporting toy breed like Cavalier King Charles spaniel wouldn’t need a gps tracker.

Losing your pet completely can be a sad affair. Undoubtedly, this is happening a lot as animal shelters are crowded with lost dogs/cats mostly. When the shelters are crowded, and the dog or cat is not claimed after a long time they can be euthanized.

Types of Trackers

GPS Tracker

Real time GPS pet trackers transmit location data to provider platforms, offers notification and historical data.

GPS uses global positioning system, it is a geotracking or navigation unit placed on something moving to determine its movement.

Not only can the data collected be stored within the tracking unit but also transmitted to an internet connected device

The data collected can be real time or after some time historic and is accessible when need be using GPS tracking system.

Benefits of GPS Tracker

  1. It is more reliable than an ID tag.
  2. Convenience
  3. Real time location Data
  4. Unlimited Location

Disadvantages of GPS Tracker

  1. Operation costs are high.
  2. Coverage issues
  3. Battery Duration.

Bluetooth Trackers

A Bluetooth tracker is a small device that can be attached to something, keys, purse, luggage or your pet collar. It uses wireless service using Bluetooth low energy and it is connected to a mobile phone to transmit the data.

Benefits of a Bluetooth Tracker

  1. Localization is Exact
  2. Coverage is Limited
  3. Bluetooth App

Disadvantages of a Bluetooth Tracker

  • Limited Options


The benefits of a GPS trackers are numerous and out way the limitations, I would highly recommend them for your dog tracking. Dogs being man best friend and a loyal family companion it is painful to loss them.

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