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Instagram Can’t Comment Issue (Solved)

by Devin Jones
Instagram Can't Comment Issue (Solved)

The problem of I cannot comment on Instagram is an issue that at least 6 out of 10 users are looking for a solution. There are various Instagram rules that many users are unaware of and the restrictions imposed under these rules. These;

Maximum 30 hashtags usage per day

Ability to follow a maximum of 7500 people per day

Maximum 350 likes within 1 hour

Ability To Tag Up To 5 People With The @ Sign In The Comment

Apart from these restrictions, there are also restrictions on commenting. You cannot make the same comment more than once, so you cannot flood. With the developing features of Instagram, there are options to open or close posts to comment. These comments can be blocked and deleted in the same way. But previously there was no comment limitation feature. Therefore, there was no problem of not being able to comment on Instagram. Thanks to this feature, comments made under each post can now be limited and filtered. It should be underlined that Instagram’s new usage policy is aimed at protecting its users in terms of privacy and security.


What Causes An Inability To Comment On Instagram?

When asked that Instagram causes the problem of not being able to comment, the first problem that comes to mind will undoubtedly be systemic or hardware problems.

If there is a problem with your internet connection, you cannot use Instagram actively, so you may not be able to comment under the posts.

You may not be able to comment as a result of an instant problem. Somehow the app or phone may be frozen.

There may be a problem with the date and time of the phone.

There may be a problem caused by Instagram not updating.

If you go too far about commenting, it may be caused by an obstacle set by the application.

If you have a problem saying I cannot comment on the Instagram story , the reason may be the settings made by the account with which the story is shared. The user may have closed their stories to comment. This situation is not limited to the story, posts can also be closed to comment. You can tell when stories and posts don’t have comment symbols.

Instagram Can't Comment Issue and Instagram Comment Block

Another reason for the problem of being unable to comment on Instagram is that the user has a comment block. Since there are usage restrictions on in-app activities in Instagram policy, making too many comments within a day brings the comment barrier. You can continue to comment on senders after the incoming comment block is removed for a while.

How To Fix The Instagram Can't Comment Issue?

Many solution suggestions on how to fix the problem of being unable to comment on Instagram have been given by users who have the same problem.

Since the problem may be caused by the application, Instagram can be removed from the phone and installed again. At the same time, it should be checked whether the application is up to date.

Internet connection must be checked. You may not be able to use Instagram effectively due to the problem caused by the connection.

If there is a problem with the phone’s date and time settings, it should be corrected.

The problem can sometimes occur momentarily, so the phone can be turned off and on again. It can help eliminate the problem.

Attempting to comment by logging into an account from another device.

If you have a comment ban (penalty) for any reason, you have to wait for the specified time.

In this article, we gave you information about the problem of not being able to comment on Instagram and the solutions.

Could The Inability To Comment On Instagram Be Due To The Complaint?

One of the reasons for not being able to comment may be due to complaining of a comment you made. As a result of these complaints, there is a comment barrier. You have a usage restriction within the time that Instagram has notified you.

Could The Problem of Not Being Able To Comment On Instagram Be Due To Too Many Comments?

According to the Instagram usage policy, you can make a certain number of comments within a day. For this reason, you cannot comment within the specified period.

How Long Does a Comment Block On Instagram Last?

If you have a comment block, this situation lasts for 24 hours.

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