Is A Seiko Wristwatch Still Worth Your Money

Either you belong to most of the people who want to buy and wear a watch for everyday use, or you are one of the watch enthusiasts on this planet, you know the brand, Seiko. It is one of the most trusted yet, affordable watch brands in the market today since it was established in 1924. This brand has made a name for itself and is considered to be one of the classic brands when it comes to timepieces. Though there is a wide variety of watches men from the house of Seiko that you could choose from. By meticulously combining the craftsmanship and latest available technology, they have created and continuously innovated their art of watchmaking that would surely endure the more years to come.

From Japan To The World

Seiko is an abbreviation Seikosha which means house of exquisite workmanship in Japanese. Though we all know that Seiko watches originated from Japan, it did not take a long time before it surprised and conquered the world from their original designs and precise time-keeping devices.

After creating the first quartz wristwatch—the Quartz Astron 35SQ in December 1969, the brand’s popularity quickly advanced. Because of the surprising fame and reputation of Seiko Quartz in Japan, expanding its market beyond their country becomes the next opportunity for the brand. In the early part of the 1970s, they started to open subsidiaries in different continents of the world, especially in the countries of the US and UK. In the mid to late 70s, Brazil and Australia became their next target. Today, Seiko is one of the most prominent wristwatch brands that you can see in every watch shop here and abroad. One of the collections to check out is their Grand Seiko Spring Drive watches which came out in 2004. 

A Respected And Award-Winning Brand

From the idea of creating simple yet precise and durable watches, they have produced a device that the world would surely recognize and admire in the years to come. It will be the first watch brand in Japan that would be recognized and comply with international standards of excellence. Different watch aficionados in every part of the world will acknowledge the brand’s contribution in the watch world. One of these many well-deserved awards comes from none other than the prestigious Grand Prix d’ Horlogerie de Genève or also known as the “Oscars” in the watchmaking industry.

Diverse Models. Outstanding Quality

Name it, they got it. If you are looking for a spring drive, mechanical movement, or even quartz watches, they will give you a lot of choices to choose from.

Though Seiko is also known for making luxury watches for as much as $72,000, it also offers a budget-friendly timepiece that comes with great and reliable features for under $200. It comes with a wide range of collections that would complement your lifestyle and needs.

Every crafted wristwatch from this brand comes from the careful and accurate hands of the most skillful and master watchmakers of the modern world. It is usually made by the most resilient form of stainless steel which is the standard material that most of the manufacturers use. But on some designs, the use of a more different material such as titanium or platinum would be more attractive and durable. While still preserving the old school and classic art of watchmaking, applying modern expertise and developments made it more reliable and accurate. With that, without a doubt, the brand would ensure us with elegant and outstanding quality watches that we can surely use for a long time while preserving its impressive appearance.

Unlimited Designs And Continuing Innovations 

There are lots of brands in the watchmaking industry that will give the most needed features of timepieces that you would want and need. But Seiko can always give us an offer that we do not want to miss.

For example, Grand Seiko watches are made to reflect the Japanese ideas of beauty, elegance, and aesthetics. Every timepiece that was made by Grand Seiko displays the almost perfect and classy design that can endure the constantly changing trends in the watchmaking market.

It also stepped up its game by having a sports watch collection that every sports admirer would surely love while keeping its authenticity and beauty on every watch. These upgrades, though not the usual genre that the Grand Seiko is known for, are indications that the hunt for bringing new and pioneering designs and features for our wristwatches are still prevailing and continuously evolving from time to time.

Keeping track of time is an important task for us every day. It helps us manage our schedules and make the most of every minute we have in our lifetime. So whenever you want to buy luxury watches or just a wristwatch that would give you the exact time of the day, the Seiko brand would always give you a deal that you sure appreciate.