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Is Animedao Shut Down Right Now For The Viewers

by Naveen Agarwal

We know online anime watching to be a productive way of spending time for the young generation. You might have spent a long time trying to get the interesting anime stuff for free.

Animedao is the best site for watching all kinds of anime series and offer its content in HD format which attracts user and makes the site different from others. Their library is full of amazing content with no requirement of sign -up and registration process. They offer content from various classifications like drama, horror, romance, thriller and many much more for the users which they like to watch at this site.

In this interesting post, we will help you find where to watch anime? You know I shut Animedao down. We will explain to you about the top-rated anime sites similar to Animedao telling where to watch anime. In recent time the viewers are facing some issues which are just irritating. They are not telecasting their anime instantly, which is very frustrating for anime lover. As Animedao is not delivering the right content for its users, so keep away from this site.

These websites are the most prominent and legal site to enjoy your favorite anime movies and episodes.

Best 3 Popular Animedao Alternatives Sites


If you are a big fan of online free anime episode and movies, Animeultima is a similar site like Animedao. This is the best free streaming anime site for watching any kind of anime stuff. Animeultima is a prominent and legal site that does not need any registration and sign-up process for the users. You can watch a massive collection of anime movies, dramas, series, and the latest episodes, all in one platform that is a unique feature.

Another feature of this site is that it does not need any permission to download any anime movies. The design and interface of the site are amazing, which attracts the user. They allow you to find your favorite anime shows and series in seconds.


Animefreak is the most prominent anime streaming site that offers subbed and is dubbed an online anime at no price. You can easily access a large choice of anime episodes using multiple categories such as popular anime, latest, and genre. They regularly update the site with new release movie and other anime stuff. Animefreak is a similar site to Animedao and one of the unique and legal site. The site offers all services that make it better than others like the attractive interface and the latest anime series. Etc. Another interesting thing of this platform is about this platform is that it introduces the title “Kelola” for those users who have the interest to read set series without restrictions.

Anime planet

Anime-Planet is another best site like Animedao, which is a treasure of all kinds of anime. This platform is another planet of anime series, movies and other kinds of stuff to watch free online. The platform has been providing anime online for its viewers for over 18 years with no registration and sign-up process. The positive feature of this site is that a user can enjoy classic anime video and the latest Manga, which will offer a mind-blowing experience. Another feature of the sites is a user-friendly interface, so easy to navigate. They offer HD quality movies and anime with fast streaming so saves the user time. It will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of fantastic online entertainment where you will get the authentic experience of anime and other online stuff. 

Last word

Here is the list of anime sites similar to Animedao. No doubt the content of this site is good, but they are not legal and it may harm your system. So we will advise you to keep away from this site.

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