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Is Gift Cards Hub Legit?

by Naveen Agarwal

So maybe you have some gift cards you just can’t seem to find any use for and you’re not sure if to toss it into the bin or perhaps, you once tried to sell your gift card but you got outsmarted and your money was not remitted so now you are skeptical of trading your card. Perhaps you have even traded your card successfully in the past but you are in search of a place to find higher rates or you have a specific reason why you are looking for a gift card trading platform. Whatever the reason may be, trading your card with Gift Cards Hub – the number one trading platform in Nigeria, is the best choice you can ever make when it comes to exchanging your card for cash.

You are probably already used to different people claiming to be the best trading platforms but this is not just a claim. The metrics have proven that our claims are backed up with very strong evidence. With over 5 years of experience in the trading market, we have enough trading expertise to assist us prove to anyone that trading gift cards should not be strenuous. Instead, it should be simple, easy and stress free. Check out the five reasons why you should trade your card for naira on Gift Cards Hub

1.  Gift Cards Hub Is Tested And Trusted

Where else can you find a trading company that is still standing strong and tall after five years? If our platform was a wishy washy platform, it would have folded up a long time ago but after 5 years, we are still bouncing and kicking. This only shows that not only are we tested, time has shown that we can be trusted.

Almost every single day, at least two naive Nigerians are scammed. They sell their gift cards to vendors but never receive their funds. This can be a very painful experience and while nobody should have to go through this nightmare, it is very important for you to trade with platforms that have a strong brand with a good reputation and which other platform besides the evergreen and ever growing Gift Cards Hub.

If you have a card that you would love to exchange, hop into giftcardshub.com.ng, create an account, check our rates and place your trade.

2.  Gift Cards Hub Offers 24/7 Trading Services

So you get an emergency call and you need to raise some funds urgently so you decide to quickly sell off the gift card you’ve got but it’s already midnight and your favourite vendor is already asleep and is not picking your calls. What on earth are you going to do?

This is the exact reason why you should trade your gift cards with Gift Cards Hub. We offer 24/7 trading services which means you can trade with us round the clock. Our website does not go to sleep so whenever you need us, we are always going to be there to bail you out if you ever need urgent 2k.

3.  Our Customer Care Service Is Top Notch

There is nothing that hurts as much as getting stuck and having nobody to reach out to for assistance or worse still, reaching out to the customer care service of a company only to be greeted with a very rude and nasty customer care provider. Nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with terrible customer care service. It is a horrible nightmare.

Well, say goodbye to bad customer care service and say hello to the most top notch customer care you will ever meet in Nigeria. Getting stuck in the middle of a transaction at Gift Cards Hub is almost impossible but let’s say you’re in the process of redeeming your card and you get notified that you have exceeded your card limit or that your card is invalid, you would definitely need someone who can listen to your concerns and help you find your way out. This is why we provide our customers with 24/7 customer care service at Gift Cards Hub. This way, you are never stuck in the middle of your card trade.

So if you’re still considering where to trade your gift cards, Giftcards Hub is definitely your only bus stop. If you no trade with us, na you lose o!

4.  You Can Withdraw Your Payments Instantly

This is probably the biggest reason for you to trade your gift cards with us. You send in your card and receive payments instantly! How cool is that? Delayed payment is a pain in the neck and a thorn in the flesh especially when you need the cash urgently. If you want to avoid this horror, you definitely should trade your gift cards with Gift Cards Hub.

Payments for cards are made once your card is confirmed and approved, after you place your trade. So, you can withdraw your funds anytime, anyday.

5.  We Give The Juiciest Trading Rates

What could be juicier than getting sweet rates for your cards and we give these absolutely sumptuous rates because customer satisfaction mean a lot to us at Gift Cards Hub. We want you to end every trade feeling happy and satisfied, and when you go to the bank to withdraw your funds, your sigh of relief makes us feel good.

So, if you would love to get the best rates, you should definitely trade your gift cards with Giftcards hub today. You can also check our rates calculator HERE to see the rates we offer for every card.

Above are the top five reasons amongst others why you should trade your gift cards with us. If you have any questions, you can contact our ever ready customer support. Enjoy premium rates and fast payments when you trade with Giftcards hub. Happy trading!

Frequently Asked Questions

What gift cards does GiftCards Hub support?

GiftCards Hub supports a wide array of gift cards that include; eBay, iTunes, Xbox, Google Play, Amazon, steam wallet, Sephora, Nordstrom, USA visa gift card 100-500, Apple Store, USA AMEX GOLD 3779, USA vanilla visa/onevanilla, USA Walmart gift card, Nike gift card, and lots more.

Can I add more than one account to my GiftCards Hub wallet?

Yes, you can save more than one bank account and select anyone during withdrawal. Visit www.giftcardshub.com.ng to get started.

How do I withdraw funds from my GiftCards Hub wallet?

GiftCards Hub is intentional about fast payments because they understand that late payments can breed distrust. Hence, your funds are sent to your GiftCards Hub wallet immediately the transaction is confirmed. To withdraw funds to your bank account, follow the steps listed below.

  1. Log in to your dashboard. Create an account here if you’re new.
  2. Scroll down to the “withdraw funds” section.
  3. Input the amount you want to withdraw and preferred bank account details.
  4. Within 5 minutes your funds will be sent to your account without any accrued hidden charges.

What is the difference between apple store gift cards and iTunes gift cards?

The difference between Apple Store gift cards and iTunes gift cards is in what they can purchase. While Apple store gift cards can be used in Apple stores and brick-and-mortar retail stores to buy hardware apple products, iTunes gift cards are only used to purchase software on the iTunes store and App Store. The only similarity is that they can both be purchased and sold on Giftcards hub.

How much is a $100 steam wallet gift card in naira?

Currently, the price of a $100 steam wallet gift card in naira is 28,000 for a physical gift card, and 27,000 for an e-code at Giftcards hub.

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