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Is it Possible to Game From a Tablet?

by James Vinse
Is it Possible to Game From a Tablet

Think back to a little over a decade ago if you can. For many people, smartphones and tablets were still somewhat of a novelty. Even further back than that and you can see examples of rudimentary cellphone games like Snake. Back then, it seemed unthinkable that we’d soon have the ability to play our favorite games on the go.

While the Nintendo Switch has done a great deal for mobile gaming, cloud gaming and digital streaming networks take these concepts to the next level. In many cases, you no longer require an expensive console to access some of the latest games and software. Instead, you might only need a tablet. Here’s what you need to know.

Game streaming is going to become even more popular.

The release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X proved one thing to be especially true: Scalpers make things more difficult for everyone else. With worldwide processor and component shortages, big-box retailers like Best Buy, Target, Amazon, and Wal-Mart have struggled to keep powerful consoles in stock. For those who have been lucky enough to buy a current-gen console, that’s all well and good. However, for all of the other gamers in the world, this is a headache when you combine this with the fact that scalpers rarely offer the best price or best deal on any products, and you have a recipe for retail disaster.

Whether you want to play League of Legends on the go or you want to pair a Bluetooth controller to your favorite tab and stream Xbox Game Pass games on the go, you’re in luck. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Amazon, and Google all have game streaming or digital store solutions in place. Though some of these brands lock their content to specific platforms or hardware, Microsoft, in particular, makes it easy to switch between consoles, computers, and mobile gaming setups. So instead of waiting for Black Friday deals on the latest game or a new tablet, you can use your existing hardware and stream from an Apple iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7.

Refurbished tablets and gaming subscriptions help you save money.

For example, suppose your credit is in good standing, and you have the money to cover a reasonable monthly payment. In that case, you can consider gaming subscription services that provide you access to tablet-friendly cloud gaming options. Instead of buying a new tablet or Apple iPad, you can save extra money by opting for a lightly used or refurbished model. Shopping for refurbished products is a great way to score Samsung tablet deals or find a great deal on an S Pen stylus or Apple Watch accessories.

Then, there are subscription options that help you save even more. Compared to buying a brand-new game, a subscription service is a fraction of the price. Plus, many services give you the option to download and play dozens of different games on the go. So even with the power of an iPad Pro, you can play some of your favorite games. Beyond that, specific proprietary streaming and gaming services like the Game Pass give you access to day-one releases at a great price. Finally, when you combine a low monthly payment for a gaming subscription with a refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab or the best Apple tablet you can afford, you can get a robust gaming experience at a fraction of the traditional cost.

With these helpful tips, it’s that much easier to find the best tablet deals, game on the go, and enjoy the latest AAA releases. So whether you’re looking forward to games like Halo Infinite or Diablo 2: Resurrected, there are plenty of reasons why you’d want to get some gaming in on your favorite tablet devices.

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