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Is the UK A Good Country to Live In

by Naveen Agarwal
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The UK consistently ranks in the top ten places to live around the world. The country is defined by its booming economy, stable democracy, world-class public health and education systems, vibrant culture and the spirit of innovation.

The country is by all means a great place to live. But what makes it a great place? That is what we will consider in this blog.

Economic Freedoms

One of the greatest freedoms that a state can give its people is the freedom to engage in commercial activity. It may sound easy to give your people freedoms in theory but this is hard to implement in practice.

Vested social interests and bureaucracy are great hurdles to new businesses. In many countries across Europe and Asia, there is so much red tape for starting a new business that you can probably wrap yourself in it and given up.

Immigration lawyers London, amongst others, say that the UK has always had a very Laissez faire approach to starting businesses. Business incorporation is as easy as filing an online form and selecting a name. You can start a new business entity in less than a day.

It is no surprise that many European businesses that go international are actually registered in the City of London.

Civil Liberties

The UK models its civil liberties after the French model, adopting a lot of ideals of liberalism. You are basically free to live your life as you want, as long as you do not curtail the liberties of other people.

The country is quite secular in its constitution with people of all faiths and creeds enjoying equal rights. You can be a Christian, Hindu, Muslim or non-believer and live your life with complete peace and freedom. The UK laws and statutes do not discriminate against people based on what they believe.

The UK also promotes the public’s right to speak its mind without fear of a backlash. There are actually places reserved in the UK – like the Hyde Park corner – where you can say whatever you want without getting arrested or attacked?

Stable Economy and Employment Opportunities

While businesses are free to operate as they want, the UK does have several regulatory bodies to manage business practices. These governing bodies step in when the economy takes a dip to keep things on track.

This is why the UK has weathered through many financial crises without massive disruption.

The Bank of England is the UK’s central bank that advises the government on fiscal and monetary policy.

The UK also has other governing bodies like the Companies House, FCA, CQC, Trading Standards and Competition Marketing Authorities. These bodies ensure protections for businesses while also protecting the rights of consumers and employees.

The stable and growing UK economy has consistently created new job opportunities in the market. There were bumps here and there, like the 2007 financial meltdown and the recent dip in the economy due to Covid 19.

Overall however, the British economy has grown, attracting millions of international workers to come and work in the country.

Sports and Entertainment

Britain has a rich culture steeped in music, arts, sports, literature, architecture and theatre. The public has always been supportive of adopting new venues of entertainment. This has brought a multitude of entertainment activities that are enjoyed by the people.

The UK participates in a large variety of sporting activities. You can find gyms and clubs for any activity from water sports to motor sports, single player competitions to team events. If you have the talent and fondness for a sport, you are bound to find a club to play in. You can even make a profession out of it.

The same holds true for music, dancing and theatre. The UK attracts world class singers, dancers and actors to come and take part in the British entertainment industry. London broadway can go head to head with New York or Paris, while our musicians and singers rise to global fame across the world for family lawyers in uk.

Arts, Food and Culture

The UK is also a leading player when it comes to art galleries, museums, libraries and food. We may not have historical sites as exquisite as Rome or cuisine as lavish as India. But the UK has been quite receptive to immigrants.

Over the years, the UK has adapted dresses, traditions, food and artwork from all across the world to make it a diverse society.

The UK has become a country that a person from any part of the world can come to enjoy while experiencing a slice of the whole world in one place.

If you are interested in moving to the UK and have questions related to immigration, then you can start the process by reaching out and discussing your case with a team of qualified lawyers such as those at Gulbenkian Andonian Solicitors in London. They will be able to help you with any questions you may have about UK immigration and more.

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