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Laser markers: costs via way of means of type

by James Vinse
Laser markers

What are the great laser markers? What approximately their costs? Let’s discover collectively on this clean and distinct evaluate via way of means of Trade.

With Trade you may purchase the great laser markers at the market: they’re the laser marking structures of the MACSA brand, a assure of reliability, resistance, power saving and impeccable effects. Here we provide you can evaluate, dividing laser markers in keeping with costs (economic, intermediate or excessive variety).

Laser markers: access level

Among the laser markers belonging to the most inexpensive rate variety, we suggest iCON2, a compact and clean to apply CO2 laser marker. Perfectly coding on paper, cardboard, glass, wooden and painted supports.

It is extensively used with inside the food, pharmaceutical and beauty sectors, in which anti-counterfeiting marking is frequently required. In particular, iCON2 is the maximum asked version for all programs with inside the beverage and bottling sector, way to its impeccable marking capability each on glass and at the label. The quality-rate ratio is the great at the market.


Marking speed

Savings on consumables

Aspiration from the pinnacle

Laser markers: intermediate costs

Among the laser markers with intermediate costs we discover the fiber lasers: era acting on a big type of materials, which include metals and commercial materials.


A laser marker that ensures a everlasting and indelible engraving, resistant in opposition to any form of alteration. It permits you to mark very extraordinary materials: plastic, metal, polylaminates and lots of different commercial products.


IP54 environmental protection – secure even in harsh environments)

VCS system, Vibration Compensation System – compensates for vibrations transferred from the manufacturing line, making sure most excellent marking

Electronics separated from the lens.


Fiber laser marker specially designed for Marctrice laser prezzo marking on bendy film. It is reliable, robust, and resistant: it ensures error-unfastened marking.


The new frequency permits marking without hazard of unfavorable the substrate

Reduction of waste, marking fees and manufacturing stops.

Laser markers: unique models

Among the very best priced laser markers are unique models:




It is the picosecond laser that exceeds the duration of classical wave (20/30 neon seconds), achieving as much as seven hundred percent seconds : on this way, the substrate is heated less, favoring  reactions chemical-thermal great .Which method more precision and definition and most excellent assessment even on darkish surfaces.

Perfect for the automobile field, in which excessive aesthetic coverall performance of the marking is required, and with inside the beauty and pharmaceutical sector, in which the definition of the message in minute characters is essential.


Significantly decrease control fees

Better definition.


An excessive variety laser marker: it’s far prepared with an oscillator and a strength amplifier that produce a good more top strength, unrivaled reliability and sturdiness pinnacle of the supply laser. In this way, extra described effects are received even on hard substrates (for example, more assessment on darkish plastics), however with a power saving of approximately 90%.


More glaring marking on aluminum

Ability to create color sun sunglasses on stainless steel.


The best marking characteristic that permits you to achieve three-D effects, way to the addition of a further set of lenses, certainly considered one among that is linked to a galvanometric motor liable for converting the focal distance of the beam.

The 3-D laser is well matched with pulsed SPA F, MOPA and Picosecond models.


Marking of complicated figures and extraordinary planes – cubes, cylinders, spheres, cones – immediately, way to the incorporated software

No bodily adjustment of the axes, control of the heights immediately from the software.

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