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Level Up Your Instagram Account And Enrich The Look Of Your Feed With The Best Puzzle Grids

by Naveen Agarwal
Level Up Your Instagram Account And Enrich The Look Of Your Feed With The Best Puzzle Grids

The Instagram puzzle grid needs no introduction. For brands eager to amplify their IG presence, you need to curate your feed and create a beautiful one. There are various free templates for this purpose. A puzzle feed enables you to place all the images, propelling them to interact with other content within the grid.

If you’re bored of seeing the repetitive stuff on Instagram, a puzzle-feed style and layout could be ideal for you. It’s not that complicated as people say. The puzzle feed templates can be a great idea. There’s no need to have Adobe Photoshop acumen or a seasoned graphic designer.

The puzzle feed’s beauty doesn’t include only its complication or alignment. Your followers stay glued to your feed because of the layout and gorgeous pictures, and the way you accommodate them in a puzzle. It generates a curiosity in people, who browse your feed to check how the puzzle grid works.

It works just a cohesive and clear layout. Single images don’t provide the same amount of interest and intrigue to drive traffic to your account. A layout is a must in this regard.

Beginning With The Basics

Many people don’t know to create, curate or tailor Instagram posts and pictures. Instagram puzzle feed is an effective custom tool that provides jigsaw platform, where you can organize your images. It makes them easily browsable.

  • Tools like CANVA allows users to choose their favorite puzzle that helps their followers to locate your account.
  • Options are aplenty and you can make everything look different. The tool also allows users to add pictures and integrate special tools. they add more shadows and shading to their images.
  • After you choose a template for creating your account, just tap on the little puzzle section. It features in the photo’s upper corner.
  • After clicking the button, you will come across other options in the grid.
  • Users can change the type of grid and colors, alongside selecting their favorite puzzle.
  • For transforming a picture into a catchy puzzle, you simply need to click on the delete button. Next, add another photo in the second segment.

When you are all set to create some thrilling pictures for your account, just ensure that you use the platform’s grid for creating a maze around your pictures. The puzzle grid adds a hunch of personality/identity and fun to your account.

Using Canva To Make Grid

Determining the layout is your first step. You can either frame a layout from the starting with a range of graphics tools, integrating them into Canva. You can also use a template with all possible resources and the correct measurements.

  • The ideal dimension for a square IG post is 1080*1080 pixels. The 3240-pixel design can be wide. If you’re keeping the oversized design’s specifications divisible by the same pixel on both sides, you’re good to go. You can then post the content on your feed.

Canva provides bonus template packs for starting from the scratch. The puzzle grids come in three volumes.

  • The second step is designing the grid. With limitless possibilities, you can create magic here.
  • After fixing the layout, you just need to customize the design and front with anything you prefer. You can enter text, add your own pictures, quotes, call-to-action, your stickers, or brand colors and many more.
  • The third step is splitting up or segregating your images. There are free online tools to do so.
  • After customizing your templates, you need to divide the main design graphics into compact squares and post them on Instagram. It needs to be individual posting to make things more prominent.

Inducing Creativity In The Grid

Don’t shy away from being creative. Don’t be afraid of adding your company’s logos, fonts, colors, hand lettering, and illustrations, and more. While posting your pictures to your feed, you need to start with your theme’s base or foundation.

Generally, the best idea is to post three images in close spacing or simultaneously to keep your puzzle firm and intact. It appeals to new visitors to your profile and helps in generating auto IG likes.

  • Coming to the fold of image splitting, you can use great applications. After creating and finalizing your puzzle theme, you need to download the same to your mobile device. Next, upload the same to your platform. One of the most famous ones is 9Sqaure.
  • You may be an Android user or iPhone person, there are numerous apps that can transform a single image, splitting them into an attractive Instagram grid. Apps like PICMONKEY or Canva are instrumental in creating a collage.

For tall puzzles, use 3240*4320 dimensions. It creates the most rollicking 12 square puzzles. For short puzzles, use 3240*1080 dimensions. It creates compact 3 square puzzles. Do know that these are crucial steps for avoiding blurry pictures on the platform.

Know The Best Kits

If your aesthetic is visually cohesive and consistent, your users can quickly understand your brand message. Instagram puzzle provides a creative pathway to make an outstanding profile.

  • The Rosegold puzzle is a tremendous package, integrating 27 styles for your puzzle layouts. They are girly, perky and pink. The package comes with great video tutorials to figure out the best components.
  • The Instagram Geometric and Puzzle template provides another complication of 27 post templates. They come in Photoshop file. There are reputable studious creating the templates. They don’t include photos and you can customize them anytime. These templates are perfect for beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and travel Instagrammers.
  • The Pearl tool is a prominent IG puzzle. It comes with some of the most attractive 27 imageries, which include extensive editing. There are quotes on some of the puzzle pieces, adding inspiration and motivation to your feed. Fashion brands, designers, and bloggers can use this set.

The Mermaid Vibes is peerless. The naming is apt because it entails distinct and beautiful ocean aura. The template set is ideal for beauty brands, fashion posts, summer posts, and more. They come in colors like purple, pink and aqua.

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