They say there are no shortcuts to any place worth going to. This might be true in life, but when handling your social media, some witty shortcuts will most probably save your day. More precisely, as per a study by Brains cape, using shortcuts on social media can save up to 8 working days in a year. That is an entire week of vacation!

This may sound unrealistic and could be difficult to wrap our heads over, but yes, a few seconds saved here and there can add up to that much! If you are a social media marketer that comes in even handier, allowing you time to engage in other profiteering activities while regular social media management becomes easier.

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Knowing a few effective shortcuts can swiftly increase your efficiency and help you have time for other work, or yourself. Here are the top 5 social media shortcuts—marketing and keyboard shortcuts—that work and are worth knowing.

  1. General Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are very handy and it is not difficult to agree on how much time they save compared to all the scrolling and clicking on the mouse pad. One Iulian Gulea, a software engineer, found out that he could save 62 hours in a year by using six very simple keyboard shortcuts in everyday work.

Something simple like ‘Ctrl+t’ to open a new tab can make a great difference. Other simple keyboard shortcuts could be ‘Ctrl+Enter’ to send an email on Windows or Linux, ‘Ctrl+Shift+Backspace’ to delete a word, ‘Windows+L’ to lock your computer, etc.

Shortcuts specific to social media platforms like ‘j’ and ‘k’ keys for moving from post to post on Facebook, ‘l’ for liking a selected post, ‘s’ for sharing a story etc. can prove to be great time-savers.

  1. A Shortcut for All Shortcuts

Every tool and platform tends to have a different set of shortcuts unique to its usage and thus all shortcuts can be too much to remember. ‘Shift+/’ is the ultimate magic spell that works across devices and platforms to access all shortcuts applicable to the platform being used.

If the shortcut for liking a post on platform A doesn’t work on platform B, hit Shift+/ to find out which shortcut works on B. It is as simple as that.

  1. Marketing Aided By Freelancers  

Social media marketing is a complex web of posts, stories, ads and other content that help drive traffic for the concerned product and expand its reach. Numerous companies outsource content creation for marketing and end up managing marketing concerns successfully. For a business owner, it may be very difficult to give up control of any part of their work, but outsourcing content-creation increases productivity. No businesses expand without the support of mutual partners.

If and when budgets are restricted, there are online marketspaces like Fiverr, Upwork and Soloing, which provide virtual assistance.

  1. Repurposing Old Content

Repurposing and repackaging older content does not count to being repetitive or lacking creativity. Rather it is a very useful tool in furthering the reach of your content to wider types of audience, in formats that they find better inaccessibility and understanding. Repurposing yields very good results with topics and themes that are already popular. Popular topics are those which people are finding the most interesting to engage with. Providing content related to the same topic in different formats will increase ease for an audience who were not comfortable with existing formats, but were extremely interested in the topic.

  • Creating info graphics out of statistics-heavy articles
  • Creating videos out of topics that are not easily understood when read
  • Creating blog posts out of videos
  • Creating image-rich posts for image-centric platforms
  • Podcasts out of written content

These are a few ideas on how to repackage your content on social media.

  1. Text Expanding Tools

Text expanding tools help you save time while writing. You can create rules regarding your most frequently used shortcuts, which are automatically converted to the expanded form of the word or phrase as you type. For example, you can create a rule to expand ‘btw’ into ‘between’. Tools like Texture and Phrase Express for Windows are some popular ones for this purpose.

If you manage more than one social media account and have to frequently establish communication with the audience as well as with partners for business purposes, text expanders save a lot of time. The Google keyboard on Android phones and the keyboard on the iPhone, both support text expansion.

Social media shortcuts are a boon in plain sight. Incorporating even a few of these in routine social media operations will help you with better results in terms of both quality and time-effectiveness. The only thing to be kept in mind is to use shortcuts that suit you and your requirements. Improper usage can mean an ineffectual approach to social media, which will be in blatant contrast to its obvious purpose.