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Make the Swap: Boring Benches to Storage Benches

by Naveen Agarwal
Make the Swap_ Boring Benches to Storage Benches

Benches, benches, benches. You see them everywhere. In the community parks, private lots, houses, and even in business establishments. You see them in movies, you know, where the boy sits and meets a girl he just knows he would spend his life with. Or where the old people sit and knit or feed birds. Typical benches serve their purpose, which is to let people sit on them to rest and relax. They stay in one area just waiting there until someone needs a breather and people care little about it until they need to catch their breath. But what if we told you that benches can be more than just benches? They can be more than just sad, boring pieces of wood or metal lying around waiting for someone to sit on them. They can be upgraded into- drumroll please- storage benches! We think that it’s time we make the swap from single-purpose benches to dual-purpose ones, and here’s our list on why.

1) Keeps Your Bags Safe

In most places in the world, we know that carrying a bag in a public place can be dangerous because of pickpockets and thieves. You might be one of those people who hug their bags very close to them when they sit on public benches because they are afraid to lose them. Or you hold it close because you are forgetful and you’re afraid to misplace your bag. Storage benches are probably an excellent solution to those problems. They help keep your bags safe because you can put your bag in and sit on the lid. You also don’t have to be afraid of misplacing it because it’s just there. No one can take your stuff away from you unless they push you off (if they do, then feel free to call the police). 

2) Keeps The Rain Away

If you like gardening, doing carpentry, or doing any other outdoor activities, you most likely keep your tools outside of the house. Sometimes, you leave them out of the shade and then the rain comes pouring in. Oh no! Your tools get wet and they might get rusty. What a bummer. Storage benches help keep your things from being wet by the rain and morning dew, especially if it’s a plastic outdoor storage bench. They are waterproof and you can put them right outside your door, in the backyard, or even on the patio. They can also be used as extra seating for your next birthday party or barbecue session.

3) Saves Space

Having a bench and storage separately takes up a lot of space. This usually means that there is more surface area to clean and more stuff that hoard your open spaces. Having a storage bench indoors makes organization and space-saving easier. By using them, you maximize a small space in the room so you can have more stuff. Objects that use up too much space can also be put inside the bench. Maria Kondo, the queen of space-saving, would be so proud of this invention and much more if she saw you using it.

4) Additional Storage Area

Many interior designers now recommend having a storage bench in bedrooms. This is because you can put your washed bedsheets, unused comforters, or even towels in them instead of stuffing them at the back of your wardrobe. This lessens the mess in your room as well. You can sit on it while doing your hair and makeup or putting on your shoes then use it to store the messy things with wires like your hair blower and curlers. Also, it isn’t hard to blend a storage bench with the design of the room, so you get a pretty seat and cool storage in one. Ain’t that neat?

5) Save Money

Storage benches can save you A LOT of money because instead of buying two things, a bench and storage, you only have to buy one. If you enjoy DIY’s this is an easy project to make yourself. The materials are inexpensive and the method is quite simple. But don’t worry if you’re not as handy crafty, storage benches are sold for relatively low prices. Check your local hardware or online shop to look for the best storage bench for your budget and style.

6) Transform It Into Something Else

If you’ve ever tried lying down on a regular bench, you know how painful on the neck and back it can be. Benches aren’t the ideal nap places, but storage benches can be. Unlike regular benches, they have flat surfaces instead of curved ones. If you have friends or family overnight, you can make your storage bench a place for them to sleep. All you have to do is add a cushion, some pillows, and a blanket. Tada! And where you’re done, you can store them back into the bench. 

7) It’s Child-Friendly

Children can be clumsy and most of the time, they don’t even mean to be clumsy. They just are. Having storages that are high up will most likely lead to one or more things breaking. Big furniture can fall on them if they try to put a drawer out and everything might come crashing. Since storage benches are floor-level children can easily access them breaking nothing or getting themselves hurt. You can also put them on in your child’s room to store their books and toys then, at night, you can sit with him or her on it and read together. 

The Takeaway

Innovation is what makes life easier and better for all of us. Storage benches are one of the many innovative creations. They are minor changes you can make for a much lighter and safer life. The possibilities and functions of storage benches are endless. Sure, traditional benches look better in movies and dramas, but storage benches win in real life. The next time you plan to buy storage, you might want to consider a storage bench and make the swap, a single-purpose item for a multipurpose one.

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