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Maximize Your PDFs with PDFBear: The Niftiest Online Tool For Your PDF Needs

by Naveen Agarwal
Maximize Your PDFs with PDFBear_ The Niftiest Online Tool For Your PDFNeeds

It’s funny to look back when we had typewriters and beepers. Communication was mostly through snail mail and wired telephones. It’s weird to think that we’ve come a long way from everything so manual and old school. Nowadays, everything is instant and can be sent or received in one click! With technology and the internet making more and more advances by the day, even documents have become paperless. You need to catch up with the what’s-in-the-now of technology and the internet. So, being well-equipped with the best tools for you to make the most out of your paperless documents is great!

Most paperless documents come in PDF format. And we’ll tell you why most people prefer this file type in a little while. We’d first like to introduce you to a nifty online tool for you to get the most use from your PDF documents.

Hello, PDFBear!

For file conversion, merging PDF files, unlock PDF file, and so much more, your best bet is PDFBear. It’s an online software as a service (or Saas) tool that you can access on any electronic device. Using your smartphone, computer, or tablet, just make sure you’re connected to the internet, and you’re good to go! They offer their services for free, so no need to make any payments to access their features. You don’t even have to log-in or sign-up, or make any subscriptions, either. Also, you’ll be sure it keeps your files safe since their website doesn’t store your files. After an hour of uploading, the files will be automatically deleted from their server. And one more thing, PDFBear boasts a clutter-free website. You can easily navigate through their features to find what you’re looking for quickly!

Paperless Documents in PDF Format

For sure, you’ve already encountered many files in the PDF format. And you might wonder why people prefer this file type over other formats. There are actually many reasons. First, this file type can be accessed on any electronic device. You could use a laptop, a smartphone, or tablet, and you can open it easily without hassle. There’s no need for a special app or software, just tap or click to open. This file type also doesn’t change its formatting, regardless of what device or software you’re using. It’s very helpful, especially if you print it since you can just print it directly. No need to copy or paste texts or images into a new document because the way a PDF is saved will remain the same. Sending or sharing files in this format makes it easy for your recipient, too. There will be no hassle on both ends. Also, this file type takes up less space compared to raw files, so in the long run, you can save more precious disk space.

Some Nifty PDFBear Features

We’ve given you a brief introduction on PDFBear and why PDFs are the most commonly used paperless document format. Now, let’s get to know some features of PDFBear.

Converting Files to PDF

Most raw files come in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint format. We’ve mentioned that raw files take up more disk space. So, if you want to save extra disk space, convert the raw files to PDF. This is also helpful for sharing the files because you won’t hassle the recipient with messed up files. PDFBear boasts great quality with their file conversion, so you’ll be sure that your converted files won’t be compromised in quality.

Unlock PDF

It’s always good to make sure your files are secure. But sometimes, it gets annoying having to re-enter the password every time you have to open it. This feature comes in handy for you to unlock and remove the password. It gives you direct and quick access to the PDF file. Now you can open the file anytime and anywhere without hassle.

Merge PDF

When you’re sending a project to your supervisor, boss, client, or colleague, make sure to merge all PDF file together. It’s a hassle for you to send several individual files. And it’s also a hassle for your recipient (or recipients) to download each file individually. Nothing says professionalism more than making things easier for others. So combine your files together into one big file with this nifty feature.

No worries with PDFBear

With PDFBear, all you need is an electronic device, an internet connection, and the files you want to modify. There’s no catch when using PDFBear and you can use their features for free! It guarantees one hundred percent satisfaction and we have nothing but praise for this nifty tool. So try it out for yourself and be amazed. You’ll wonder why you haven’t used it long ago. Never again be hassled with any PDF problems with PDFBear.

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