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MilesWeb Managed VPS Hosting for Independent Hosting Environment at Affordable Pricing

by James Vinse

Are you a developer and finding it difficult to run your applications and software configurations?

Do you want to boost your eCommerce website’s performance for handling recent traffic?

Are you a blogger and want to have an independent environment at an affordable pricing?

If you are facing such scenarios the VPS or Virtual Private Server is the right choice for you.

VPS is an excellent choice for webmasters, web developers, resellers and yes, for those who manage resource-intensive websites. A Virtual Private Server runs and offers performance similar to an independent physical machine. The only difference is that it is divided into multiple “virtual” servers and these deliver security and flexibility to your websites. Moreover, your website remains isolated from your neighbors and your have complete control over your hosting environment.

Why VPS Hosting is an Ideal Solution for You?

Get Completely Scalable Environment: You simply have to get the cost of upgrade or downgrade from your hosting provider. You can decide on your own if you need more or less resources.

Control Everything: Since you get root access, you have the ability to install and update your own software, make backups, run batch files, customize your control panel and update any software you want to.

Get Reliable Uptime: With a VPS, the question of downtime gets completely eliminated. A VPS can handle your growing website traffic by keeping your business operating as usual. You get more chances for optimizing your website’s loading time.

Highly Secure: Since your website is hosted in a virtual environment, there isn’t any need to concern about what your neighbors are doing. Understand that your neighbors don’t have any access to your resources or files as they are kept behind a secure partition.

Doesn’t Break the Bank: VPS hosting comes at an affordable cost as compared to dedicated hosting. Though it is a bit costly in comparison to shared hosting but worth as you get ability to scale resources as per your requirements.

Suitable in Various Scenarios: A VPS is an ideal option in various scenarios such as high-traffic websites, using sandbox, developing your own software, need separate backup storage, want to stream online, resell services, handle email/database servers and use a VPN.

Coming to the best VPS hosting provider’s review:

MilesWeb in Brief

MilesWeb was first started in India in 2012 and caters with all types of web hosting solutions like shared, dedicated, managed & unmanaged VPS, windows, reseller, domains registration. Over 20,000 customers are happy with their services today and the number isn’t stuck there, it’s rapidly increasing. The company has always aimed at delivering the best performance and uptime for its clients by using the latest technology on their servers. They have a dedicated customer support team working 24/7 and assists the customers in all the queries that are raised via live chat and email.

Managed VPS Hosting Plans


Choice of Control Panel: You are allowed to select your favorite control panel from cPanel, Plesk and Webuzo. With the control panel, your website management becomes super easy.

Choice of Operating System: They also allow you to select your operating system so that you get better performance and reliability. They will do the installation of operating system after you select one from the options Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu and Fedora.

Cloud Powered VPS: Their VPS plans are powered by cloud to provide you greater flexibility and power of a dedicated server.

Free Website Migration: They will migrate your website will all the data for free of cost. Also, the migration will be done as per your preferred time.

Solid State Drives: The built-in SSDs on their VPS deliver better performance and reliability with the help of flash technology.

Free VPS Management: They will deploy, optimize as well as manage the complete VPS for you without any extra charges.

SSH and Root Access: You have the complete control over your server with the SSH root access.

Resource Monitoring Dashboard: Monitoring resources is easy with the help of the intuitive dashboard. It allows you to manage memory usage, reboot VPS, check server load and manage other configurations of your VPS.

Host Unlimited Websites: You can host unlimited websites on your single VPS account.

Instant Provisioning: Your VPS server setup is done immediately after your payment gets verified. You don’t need to wait long for getting your account setup.

No Setup Fee: The setup is done for free and no hidden or additional fee is charged.

Robust Infrastructure: They have collaborated with the leading industry players such as Supermicro, Dell, HP and Cisco to use the cutting-edge technology on the servers. You get the best uptime and stability with their VPS hosting.

What Their Customers Say About Them?

The Verdict

MilesWeb’s managed VPS hosting is great for those want to experience isolated environment, flexibility of cloud hosting and power of a dedicated server at an affordable cost. Also, since your server is managed by them, you simply need to focus on your business.

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