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Money-Making Tips For Djs In 2021

by Naveen Agarwal

If the thought of thriving club night with a beastly soundtrack and a set list to remember sounds like a faraway dream to you, you would not be alone.

DJs and music lovers everywhere have felt the brunt of the pandemic’s restrictions, as they find themselves longing to once again lose themselves to a killer beat in a room full of their fellow audiophiles.

If this sounds a little too familiar, and you need to find a way to sustain yourself through your DJing skills in 2021, there are more than a few potentially lucrative avenues you can explore.

Get the Right Software

First of all, making sure you have the right set-up is a must. This does not just mean the mixing software, the DAW, and the audio equipment; it means getting your hands on the best DJ software you can find to help you establish yourself as an elite professional.

Some of the best options are highly diverse platforms that provide the chance to optimize the business side of your DJing efforts while helping you get well and truly organized.

Stream Your Music

Many musicians have taken to the digital world to stream live sets, as it can be the next best alternative to an in-person gig. Just take a look at the wonderful work done by the Gorillaz, or the exquisitely talented Jeff Rosenstock streaming acoustic sets via his Instagram page.

You can make some real money streaming your DJ set lists on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, especially if you are able to grow a large following and develop your channel.

Become a Tutor on the Side

If you have a talent for audio engineering, or know your ins and outs when it comes to music theory, why not try your hand at tutoring online?

This can be a superb way to make some good money while simultaneously training and inspiring a new generation of musicians.

There are some great online platforms for this, such as Fiverr, Skooli, Tutor Hunt, or Music Tutor Online. The range of options is vast, so it is worth taking some time to figure out which one will best suit your individual needs.

Branch Out

There are opportunities of all kinds out there for DJs; sometimes all you need to do to find them is to branch out and consider taking on work that may lie outside of your traditional area of focus.

For example, wedding DJs can make good money once they have established themselves and gained some experience, as can DJs who conduct corporate events and maybe even house parties.

Sell Your Own Music

Platforms including Bandcamp and Soundcloud have made selling your music easier than ever; all you need to do (in theory) is sign up and start creating.

It is much harder than it sounds however, at least to make a decent wage in the early days. It takes time to establish yourself and build a following, but it can and has been done before.

While the world waits for a future away from COVID, there are still ways for DJs everywhere to make money and continue creating, provided that they keep looking at different options and remain flexible.


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