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Most Reliable WordPress Hosting Site in India

by Naveen Agarwal
Most Reliable WordPress Hosting Site in IndiaMost Reliable WordPress Hosting Site in India

WordPress is a tool that helps you in the content management system (CMS). It also creates and manages your website. People use WordPress to enhance their business, write their blogs, get public review, etc. Most people use WordPress as a business website, personal website, e-commerce, and more.

There are many WordPress hosting websites with different features and tools. But among them, you need to choose a trusted website. There are websites like WP Engine, BlueHost, Byet.host, etc., offering unlimited storage, high traffic, fast server, and many more services. Here we have listed some of the credible websites for WordPress hosting. Please have a look at them.

Best Paid WordPress Hosting Platforms in India

1. WP Engine

This website is known for Hosting WordPress. The hassle-free hosting provides you robust server that can handle many things at the same time. This website is secure from hackers. That is why trusted by most people.  One of the best things about this site is its customer support and service.

There is an automatic security update, daily backup, one-click restore option, and many more options. WP engine has a WordPress team to guide you and help you. Renowned brands use WPEngine for their WordPress hosting.

2. SiteGround

SiteGround is one of the most popular and used hosting websites for WordPress. This site manages WordPress hosting without any restrictions that are present with other hosting sites. You fast servers with top-notch WordPress security, expert support from WordPress, automatic WordPress updates, free backups, CDN.

And many developer tools such as one-click staging and version control. This website is simply the best website for WordPress. You can access this website with a domain name or custom name.

3. DreamHost

People are using DreamHost for around eighteen years as it is a very user-friendly and easy to use website. This site is known for making web hosting easy for users. You will get a custom dashboard with simple features, 1-click WordPress installation, automatic updates, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, and free SSDs, making the site faster. DreamHost powers over 600,000 WordPress blogs and websites. You also get a free domain and free set up from the website. Use this website to make your experience good with WordPress.

4. BlueHost

People are using BlueHost for many years as it is the most user-friendly WordPress website among all the others.  This website has no limit for storage, but one file cannot be more than 10MB, with unlimited bandwidth. It offers you one of the best dashboards that are VistaPanel hosting dashboard.

You can access up to five email addresses in BlueHost, full server access from FTP. You can get detailed analytics and fast website speed from CND from caching. You can also use Bluehost hosting Coupon for discounts. This website is the best option for users who want to access many WordPress sites. This is the only website that gives you unlimited plans for WordPress.

Top WordPress Hosting websites You Can Use For Free

1. 000webhost

This WordPress hosting website is from Hostinger.  000webhost is one of the marketing strategies of Hostinger to drive your attention to Hostinger Premium Packages. But at the same time, it offers you a vast platform to explore WordPress. One of the best things about this platform is that you will not get much traffic here.

 You can smoothly use this website.  You can use your name while using this website. This website is very easy to use as the features on this website are simple. On this website, you can host two websites for free. If you want to have a full-service hosting experience, then you should try this website. One can exceed the word limit in 000website; there is no word limit. 

2. AccuWeb Hosting

This website is a US-based website that offers a wonderful experience to those who want to explore web hosting.  AccuWeb is one of the oldest Webhosting websites. This website provides you some of the best features of WordPress, like storage bandwidth and email limits. 

One can also explore cPanel, the latest version of PHP, without any advertisement. They offer 2GB SSD storage, 30GB of bandwidth storage full server access with the database. One of the best parts of this website is the backup system; your file will be safe here. AccuWeb Hosting is the best and easy option for those who need a single WordPress site with high traffic.  This website is strict about one rule that you need to give your govt—approved ID card proof to access this hosting website.

3. WordPress.com

People often get confused between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.  WordPress.org is a profit implementation for open-source software. And WordPress is a simple hosting website that lets you use the website by registering your account. However, it does not give you full access, which means you cannot do anything you want. 

WordPress has user-friendly features easy to use with simple features and a menu. One can use more than a hundred themes to show your creativity. And you can also get a free SSL certificate. WordPress is the best option for non-technical users as it has easy to use features. Like for people who do not want to make their portfolio colorful and vibrant. 

4. X10Hosting

This is the only Cloud-based hosting website that is serving since 2004.  Cloud-based means that your content is living on a single server. It is safely stored in the cloud. Here you will get unlimited bandwidth, with full cPanel access and a one-click WordPress auto-installer.

It offers you storage of 512MB; you can use a subdomain name or your custom name. This website is suitable for those who need high traffic. You can also block your geolocation on this website.

5. Byet.host

This website helps to optimize your WordPress; it is designed to make your website experience better. People are using this website for many years as it is effortless to use. This website has no limit for storage, but one file cannot be more than 10MB, with unlimited bandwidth.

 It offers you one of the best dashboards that are VistaPanel hosting dashboard. Also, this website provides you full server access from FTP. This website is the best option for users who want to access many WordPress sites. This is the only website that gives you unlimited plans for WordPress. 


Nowadays, WordPress is being used by moreover every organization and company. There are so many WordPress hosting websites that are simple and easy to use. But it is challenging to choose the best WordPress hosting website. Some of the websites are stable and innovative, offering you attractive design options, flexibility, search engine optimization, and many more things. We have listed some of the best WordPress hosting websites with their benefits. Choose a website keeping these points on your mind.

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