creative staffing

A staffing agency is a middleman between job seekers and employers and helps both to meet their needs. A staffing agency can save a considerable business time and find you well-qualified candidates, without any hustle. The reduction of potential legal risks and flexibility of working are among other benefits of hiring a staffing agency. The challenge of finding talented candidates become very fair with a staffing agency. But there are some misconceptions related to agencies. In this blog, we are bursting the myths that companies and employees have about staffing agencies. Stay connected!

  1. Too Expensive

It is one of the oldest tags that is stick with staffing agencies. Some of them think that paying agencies is a waste of money. We agree that service is not free, but the advantages that one can reap are out of the ordinary. Potential turnover costs, time, human resource wages, etc., all these hidden costs can be saved. Also, there are lesser needs for an HR employee, and hence, you can cut your payroll costs. When you are able to save your company’s time, that means you have earned it money.

  1. Only Hire Temps

Two words- staffing agency and temp jobs go hand in hand. Staffing agencies hire millions of contract positions every year, but it doesn’t mean that you would be awarded with only temporary people. Permanent employees can be employed with staffing agencies’ help because most companies offer permanent positions to them. Temp-to-hire is the best and most appropriate term to be considered.

  1. Time-Consuming Process

Now the recruitment process is streamlined with the help of professional agencies. The talented candidates enrolled at the staffing agencies sort resumes daily so that you can get the right for your family. They also conduct primary interviews as well as manage paperwork. So, nothing to worry about anything. The process will take some time, but they are doing what they should do. They want to complete their responsibility to the best of their knowledge. Making a vetted list of potential candidates is not magic. Still, creative staffing set you on the path of successful recruitment.

  1. Staffing Agencies Avoid Employee Training

The bridge that connects agencies in the business is the success of the clients. They have to work hard to keep you going. Hence, they help employees in getting the necessary certificates and skills. Staffing agencies do their best to help employees qualify the job process. Moreover, they act as agents and represent their end client and professionals’ best interests.

  1. Hierarchy Of Working

Another myth that is associated with staffing agencies is that it works only with administrative and entry-level candidates. Staffing agencies actively identify, place candidates, train, and recruit them along with C-suite. A well-rounded and experienced staffing agency is capable of placing candidates in all types of jobs and industries.

  1. Unsuited Recruits Done By Staffing Agencies

Finding the right candidate for a company is not a cakewalk. Agencies only hire an experienced and talented candidate who can take your business to the next level. They commit to their primary task for which they are paid. Creative staffing agencies carefully evaluate the background, check the talent pool, and interview the candidates before recommending them.

  1. They Are Not Worth It

Expecting staffing agencies to behave magically is not correct. They can competently and quickly identify talent that best fits the job description. Staffing agencies have a significant success ratio, and it is much higher than many internal recruitment departments in companies. They do their tasks with due diligence. Also, expecting a perfect fit in every case is not possible.

All staffing agencies are not the same. It would help if you studied first to reach the best of them. In this way, you can decrease the odds of hiring and save a lot of money very quickly. Hire the best and bring the best for your company.