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[NetbaseQuid] How Social Listening Can Help Your Business Generate Limitless Leads Effortlessly

by James Vinse
How Social Listening Can Help Your Business Generate Limitless Leads Effortlessly

What is Social Listening, and Why is it Important?

Social listening is the new kid on the block; your business can’t ignore the buzzword. But what is social listening, and does it matter to your company? Please check out the definitions below:

“In simple terms, social listening is discovering what your current and potential clients are saying on social media,” Sentione or “analyzing the conversations and trends [on social media],” Sproutsocial.

Here are the key points from the definitions:

  • Know what makes your customers tick; what they’re saying about your brand
  • Monitor your brand’s social media channels to have an eye-witness encounter with existing & potential clients
  • Analyze the feedback and direct mentions to pick out the keywords, topics, competitors, etc
  • Use the market intelligence insights to get your product or service to a specific target market

You can discover more from NetbaseQuid why enterprise social listening is crucial for your business. But, in the meantime, find out below how you can use social listening to generate limitless leads.

4 Top Ways Social Listening Can Help Generate Limitless Leads

1. Generate Leads by Solving Customers’ Problems

As you engaging on social media, keep tabs on keywords that center on peoples’ needs and problems. Also, look out for their frustrations with your competitors’ products or services.

Take a step further to understand the buyers’ pain points by asking them about their expectations and product weaknesses.

2. Boosts Customers’ Experience

Social listening is a powerful tool that can create a win-win experience for your clients. Here are some other practical ways you can use it:

A.Listen, hear, and constantly respond to issues affecting your clients. Here, you can use NetbaseQuid’smarket intelligence platform to keep your ears on the ground. It’s a valuable platform that contains up-to-date insights from many sources.

B.Gather feedback and use it to create a better experience. For example, you may use Facebook Audience Insights to learn what your audience likes, the content it wants, and so on.

Not sure how to go about it? NetbaseQuid can help you understand what your customers are saying about your brand.

C.Respond to potential and existing customers

Some customers may not reach out to your business and so, in this case, be proactive. Seek them out and interact with them. Keep your eyes wide open for any brand mention and offer tips where necessary.

D.Pitch yourself as a problem solver

Show your audience how your organization can help fix customer’s problems. Be bold also to offer a demo of your product or service. Note that you’ll gain more trust with your customers by attending to their issues pronto.

In a nutshell, be available 24/7 to respond to questions and offer possible solutions.

3. Sing from the Same Customer’s Script

Do you want to sing your buyers’ language? Then social listening is the answer, and NetbaseQuid’s voice of the customer makes it easy for you to know the exact words your customer is using.

The intelligent system will give you the top keywords and phrases your customers want to hear. You can use the exact words to show how your products or services can solve their problems.

4.  Be on the Lookout for Industry Hashtags

Another powerful way social listening can generate limitless leads is through following your industry hashtags. With a tool like Hashtagify or NetbaseQuid’s trend analytics platform, you’ll know the hashtags you should monitor.

Don’t just follow the hashtags, but know what people are talking about and what they need. And solve that.

In summary, social listening isn’t a fad but a robust process that can help your business generate limitless leads. With the right market intelligence platforms like NetbaseQuid, you can have the insider’s info on your customers’ needs. You can solve your existing and potential buyers’ problems and speak their language.

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