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Nonsurgical Fat Reduction with CoolSculpting

by James Vinse

Quick facts

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary nonsurgical cooling technology that helps people lose weight in specific places.

Cryolipolysis is the science behind it. Cryolipolysis involves freezing and destroying fat cells at extremely low temperatures.

The method was developed to target stubborn fat that refused to respond to diet and exercise.

It targets fat cells on the inside and outside of the thighs, the belly, the sides, the upper arms, and the chin.

In 2012, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave its approval to CoolSculpting.

The treatment is painless and does not necessitate anesthetic.

To far, almost 4,000,000 operations have been performed all over the world.

You may notice transient side effects that may subside after a few days of therapy. Swelling, bruising, and sensitivity are all possible side effects.

If you have a history of Raynaud’s disease or a strong sensitivity to cold temperatures, CoolSculpting may not be suitable for you.

Convenience: The treatment takes between one and three hours.

You can expect a quick recovery. After the treatment, normal day-to-day activities can be resumed practically immediately.

It’s only available through a CoolSculpting-trained cosmetic surgeon or physician.

Cost: Prices vary from $2,000 to $4,000, depending on the treatment area and size of the region to be treated.

Efficacy: Fat loss ranges from 20 to 80 percent on average.

Following a single cryolipolysis operation in treated regions, Trusted Source.

Approximately 82 percent

People who have had the therapy would suggest it to a friend, according to a reliable source.

What is CoolSculpting and how does it work?

CoolSculpting is a noninvasive fat-reduction treatment that doesn’t require any anesthetic, needles, or incisions. It works on the idea of chilling subcutaneous fat to the point where the fat cells are destroyed and absorbed by the body as a result of the cooling process. The fat layer right beneath the skin is known as subcutaneous fat.

What is the price of CoolSculpting?

The price is decided by the size of the treatment area, the desired output, the applicator size, and your location. A multi-area treatment cost between $2,000 and $4,000 on average in 2016. Smaller regions, such as the upper belly or chin, require a smaller applicator and can be less expensive (about $900). Larger regions, such as the lower abdomen, need a larger applicator, which can cost up to $1,500.

What is CoolSculpting and how does it work?

CoolSculpting is based on the science of cryolipolysis, which breaks away fatty tissue by using the biological response to cold. The mechanism enables fat cells to die gradually by draining energy from fat layers while leaving nearby neurons, muscle, and other tissues untouched. The digested fat cells are transported to the lymphatic system to be filtered out as waste in the months after therapy.

CoolSculpting procedure

Using a portable gadget, a doctor or qualified healthcare practitioner will do the operation. The applicators on the gadget resemble the nozzles on a vacuum cleaner.

A gel pad and applicator will be applied to the targeted region by the healthcare practitioner during the therapy. The applicator cools the targeted fat in a regulated manner. The gadget will then be moved over your skin while suction and cooling technologies are applied to the target region. Some offices have numerous devices that can treat various target regions in a single visit.

During the treatment, you may feel some pulling and pinching, but the procedure is quite painless. To break up any frozen deep tissue, the therapist would usually massage the affected regions right after treatment. This will assist your body in absorbing the fat cells that have been eliminated. Some individuals find this massage to be a little unpleasant.

Each session might last anywhere from one to three hours. During the process, people typically listen to music, read, or even work on the computer.

CoolSculpting treatment locations

With coolsculpting in Dubai can help you lose weight in the following places:

inner and outer thighs flanks upper and lower abdomen (or love handles)

Arms and chin (or double chin)

Underneath the buttocks, there is fat in the bra and the back (or banana roll)

Are there any dangers or negative consequences?

The FDA approved CoolSculpting in 2012 for cold-assisted lipolysis of the belly and flanks. The FDA has since approved the technique for a variety of body parts. The FDA has validated the effectiveness and safety of the drug based on clinical trials. During the clinical studies, no significant adverse effects were recorded. Cryolipolysis does not raise fat levels in the circulation and causes no substantial liver damage, according to a 2009 studyTrusted Source.

CoolSculpting is a generally safe noninvasive treatment. The following are some of the most common adverse effects seen during the procedure:

severe chilly tingling stinging tugging hurting cramping feelings

Once the treatment region is numb, all of these symptoms should go away. You may suffer transient adverse effects after therapy, which should subside within a few days. These are some of the negative effects:




skin sensitivity, hurting, cramping

To find out if CoolSculpting is suitable for you, visit your primary care physician, as you would with any other medical procedure. If you have Raynaud’s illness or a significant sensitivity to low temperatures, you should be advised about the procedure’s dangers and advantages.

After CoolSculpting, what to Expect

After a CoolSculpting procedure, there is little to no downtime. The majority of people are allowed to resume their usual daily activities right after. Mild redness or discomfort in the treated region may occur in rare situations, but all minor side effects usually resolve within a few weeks.

Within three weeks after the treatment, results in the treated regions may be seen. After two or three months, typical effects are achieved, and the fat-flushing procedure might last up to six months after the initial treatment. Depending on the person and the location of the body, more than one treatment may be required. According to CoolSculpting market research, following CoolSculpting, 79 percent of respondents reported a good improvement in how their garments fit.

CoolSculpting targets particular parts of the body, so you’ll only need another treatment if you wish to target a different location. CoolSculpting isn’t a cure for obesity, and it shouldn’t be used in place of a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining results requires continuing to consume a balanced diet and exercising on a regular basis.

CoolSculpting Preparation

CoolSculpting does not need extensive preparation. However, it’s critical to ensure that your body is in good condition and that you’re near to your optimum weight. CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss procedure, and those who are extremely overweight or obese are not good candidates. A good candidate is healthy, fit, and seeking for a way to get rid of belly fat.

Although bruising from the applicator’s suction is typical following CoolSculpting, anti-inflammatories like aspirin should be avoided before the treatment. This will assist in the reduction of any bruising that may occur.

Before and after the treatment, your doctor or provider will most likely take pictures to indicate any improvement in the treated regions.

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