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Police Appreciation: How Challenge Coins Can Help

by Naveen Agarwal

Are you looking for ways to show appreciation to the policeman or policewoman in your life? Do you want them to know how proud you are of the work they do? If so, then you need to learn all you can about how to show them some love.

One of the coolest ways to show them appreciation is by giving them challenge coins. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, these are sacred among the ranks of first responders.

See below for an in-depth guide to learn more about what challenge coins are and how they can help show your officer that you’re proud of them.

What Are Challenge Coins?

Perhaps your police officer is proud of the county that they work in. Maybe they’re celebrating a significant step in their careers, such as a promotion or their tenth anniversary with their department. Whatever the case might be, you can help them celebrate by giving them a meaningful gift, such as a challenge coin.

Challenge coins come in all different shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. However, the purpose behind them is always the same: they’re used to solidify a person’s place in a special group of people.

Generally, challenge coins are used by military personnel, police officers, and firefighters, but they can also be used for masonic groups, organizations, nonprofits, and much more.

Challenge coins are used as a badge of belonging. Custom challenge coins are created to be given out to all members of a specific group. For example, you could have custom challenge coins created for the entire department that your loved one works with. Then, from that day forward, each of the officers has a way to show their allegiance/participation in that department.

Many police officers and military personnel use it to remind themselves of the bigger cause. It reminds them of their band of brothers and keeps them inspired to give their all to the force.

The History of the Challenge Coin

One of the most common questions regarding challenge coins is their history. How did challenge coins come to be? Where was the first one ever created.

The idea of a challenge coin has been used throughout history. For example, Roman soldiers were given coins to signify big feats while in combat. The soldiers carried their coins around with them everywhere, as a way of wearing their successful battles wherever they went.

However, the modern usage of challenge coins seems to derive from a story in World War I. Back then, men were volunteering to join the military to provide more assistance and help defend their country.

One lieutenant decided to bring his squadron together by having custom bronze coins made. It was to serve as a reminder of who they were, where they came from, and that they were never truly alone.

One pilot from that squadron ended up crash landing behind enemy lines and was taken hostage once he hit the ground. They confiscated everything in his possession (or so they thought) and took him as a prisoner.

The pilot ended up escaping and made his way to an allied outpost with French soldiers. To make sure he wasn’t trying to sabotage them, the French soldiers demanded the pilot show proof of his identification. All he had on him was the bronze coin his lieutenant made, which one soldier recognized. Thus the challenge coins were born!

The Benefits of Challenge Coins

Now that you’ve seen a challenge coin and its origin story, let’s take a look at the benefits of creating a custom challenge coin for your police officer.

Shows Your Pride

Police officers are selfless people. They take pride in protecting the members of their community while raising their families within the neighborhoods that they protect.

While they certainly don’t need confirmation, it’s important to show them how proud you are. A challenge coin is a great way to show them and their entire department that they’re appreciated.

With a custom challenge coin, you can pay your respects to the class and pride that surrounds that particular department.

High Honor

Custom challenge coins offer you the chance to give your police officers a high honor: a custom coin with their department and purpose listed on it.

As we pointed out earlier, they’re also a great way to celebrate meaningful milestones in your loved one’s career as an officer.

You can start to make a tradition of having challenge coins created to celebrate each new milestone they surpass, similar to the Roman soldiers that were given coins for their efforts.

Part of a Special Group

Once you have a custom challenge coin, you possess something that no one else has in the world. Unless they get it from you, nobody else has that specific design, colors, and markings.

One customized challenge coin will symbolize how important your loved one’s job is as a police officer. It isn’t an occupation for the weak. It takes a special man or woman to do it right.

Your challenge coin is verification of that. Invest in a challenge coin holder as well, so that your loved one can place it somewhere and show it off to all those that come inside their house or office.

Use Challenge Coins to Show Your Appreciation

Now that you have seen what challenge coins are and how they can help you show appreciation for your loved ones that are police officers, be sure to use them to your advantage.

Take the time to browse our website for more articles on challenge coins, as well as many other helpful topics that you will find fascinating.

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