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Popular and Top Selling Yamaha Bikes

by Naveen Agarwal
Yamaha Bikes

Over the decades, Yamaha has been designing and marketing top-quality, high-powered, durable bikes in India. Most of the Yamaha bikes available in India are also available internationally. Yamaha Motors had started their journey in India with the iconic RX100 bike. It was a truly household bike pan India. Even today, this bike could be found in online used bike marketplaces and in many households. Several Yamaha bikes are popular in India. they are affordable, economic, and offer the real joy of riding.

Popular and Top-Selling Yamaha Bikes

Following are the most popular Yamaha Bikes in India:

1. R15M

Yamaha R15 is the predecessor of the famous R-series and legendary models M1 and R1M. These bikes are famous sports bikes popular worldwide. This is a 155CC LC4V SOHC FI engine with a VVA sports category bike. The bi-functional LED headlight emits both high and low beams. The aerodynamic body design looks fabulous on the road.

2. R15V4

This is one of the newest additions to Yamaha and the 4th generation legendary R15. This is a 155 CC LC4V SOHC FI engine with VVA equipped with a Traction Control System (TCS) and a Quick Shifter. The design and technology are the same DNA of the popular sports bike YZF R1. All technologies included in this bike like A&S clutch, quick shifter, dual-channel ABS, and state-of-the-art “side stand engine cut-off switch make long riding less stressful and safe.

3. R15

This BS-VI Compliant 155cc LC4V SOHC FI VVA engine with advanced die-cast aluminum cylinder A&S slipper clutch, dual-channel ABS, bi-functional headlight, and in-built side stand engine cut-off switch offers the ultimate joy of riding. R15 series is one of the most popular Yamaha bike models in India.

4. R15S

This is the first-ever bike in India with a unibody seat offering ultimate comfort to the rider and pillion. The aerodynamic front and edgy tail make each journey smooth sailing. The newest model of R15S is manufactured on a Delta box frame that offers superb rigidity and balance. This model comes with 155cc LC4V SOHC FI Engine with VVA.

5. Yamaha MotoGP

One of the most popular and internationally dominating classy models is Yamaha MotoGP. This Yamaha Monster Energy bike is designed with specially developed, dedicated, and authentic MotoGP graphics. Look at the stand-out gold logos – it is expressive and masculine. The bike has some exclusive features making it the king of the street in its category. You can get every bit of information from the online bike and car marketplaces.

6. MT15

This is the first of its kind Hyper Naked category bike in India. Equipped with a bi-functional Led headlight, BS-VI compliant 155CC Fi engine, VVA, A&S clutch, and 6-speed transmission facility, it offers the ultimate riding experience to the proud owners of the model. MT15 is also the super lightweight 138Kg bike with an in-built side stand engine cut-off switch.

7. FZS 25

All FZ series Yamaha bikes have gained popularity internationally. FZS 25 is the adventure series bike equipped with classy features like a 249CC engine, SOHC, 4-row core oil cooler, 7-step adjustable motocross suspensor, and dual-channel ABS. Experts call it the “Lord of the street”. Yamaha has paid special attention to design, engine capacity optimization, and trusted fuel injection technology.

8. FZ-X

This new generation bike air-cooled 4-stroke 149cc SOHC, 2-valve, single-cylinder fuel-injected “Blue Core” engine. The toughness, comfort, and connectivity of the bike have already gotten wide market attention. The Bosch single-channel ABS and Front disc-brake with 2-pot Caliper guarantee abrupt braking and higher stability.

9. FZ-F1

This bike comes with 149cc SOHC, 2-valve, single-cylinder fuel-injected “Blue Core” engine. It is equipped with an in-built “Side stand engine cut-off switch”.

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