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Promote your restaurant by using a captive portal!

by James Vinse
Bloom Intelligence

If you own a new restaurant, you need to promote your business and services so that you can get new customers and clients! Make sure you try to do all that you can to enhance your marketing methods so you can gain new customers and have a dedicated consumer base.

What does a WiFi captive portal give to new restaurants?

If restaurants use a captive portal for their business efficiency and customer satisfaction levels, you can provide access to guest networks so your customers can stay connected while shopping or eating at your restaurant. Nowadays, most businesses provide their clients with some type of connectivity, whether it be through a coupon code, QR Code, sign-up sheet, or free page.

You typically go to retail stores, shopping malls, restaurants, cafes, and much more to do your shopping and get all of the necessities. One of the best ways to keep customers coming back for many days or weeks is to provide a captive portal so they can stay connected while shopping and going to eat at a restaurant.

Most customers want just basic WiFi services so they can check messages, use their data, and text their friends while they are sitting at a restaurant. Therefore, businesses need to come up with the quickest and easiest way of providing access to their WiFi network, such as by using a password that is visible within the restaurant, asking a waiter for the WiFi password, or simply signing up using a checkbox on the captive portal page, which is provided by Bloom Intelligence.

But first, you might be wondering – what is a captive portal? A captive portal is a website homepage that the terminal will use when customers visit a WiFi page to provide access before you can connect to the internet, use your phone, and interact with other apps that utilize the internet and data.

Benefits of captive portal

Before you get a captive portal as a restaurant, you might be wondering if the captive portal will benefit you enough to be worth the cost. Fortunately for you, the answer is yes!

Protect against hackers and unauthorized users

One of the many benefits of a captive portal is protection and security against people who are not supposed to be on your network. The internet is not necessarily secure – but a captive portal can help you monitor the users by requiring the people using the captive portal to have to sign up and provide their information.

Traffic discrimination

Some restaurants that provide a captive portal will deny certain websites to customs to prevent internet access that could potentially compromise the business security. Instead of just providing internet access to all websites businesses can retain safety with their business data and protect their costumes by disallowing access to specific web pages.

Control the connections

The third benefit of using a captive portal is the ability to control connections from users. Some people decide to sign up to a captive portal to use the WiFi but abuse the power,  such as downloading videos, using streaming services, and using other data-filled methods that can make the internet connection slow for everyone else.

Some people may stay online for way too long or use too much data. To prevent this from happening, the owner of the captive portal can provide mechanisms to ensure you are not on for extended periods or using too many users per terminal.

Data capture

The fourth benefit of using a captive portal is the ability to capture data so they can learn more about their target market. With the owner of the homepage being able to monitor the connections, gather data about who is using the captive portal, and analyze new data about the company CRM that can help them target their new marketing strategies.

Marketing and brand awareness

The final benefit of using a captive portal is the ability to market your business and provide a higher level of brand awareness. This simple way to connect to the internet can help capture user attention and learn more about your specific audience.


If you are a new restaurant, you should use a captive portal to allow customers and clients to connect to a webpage to stay connected to the internet and use data. Provide your customers with access to the internet so they can still text their friends, take phone calls, and use apps to stay connected while they are sitting and having lunch. Providing a captive portal is an easy way to provide a helpful service to your customers without spending too much money.

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