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Reasons Why You Must Try Chiropractic Treatment

by Naveen Agarwal

Did you know that over 90% of Singaporeans suffer from musculoskeletal problems such as lower back pain and stiff necks? Persistent spine issues may lead to a malfunctioning nervous system, resulting in severe spasms, bladder problems, and oedema (as reported by middle-aged Singaporeans who had a spinal injury for over five years). When misalignments in the spine interfere with the nervous system, it becomes necessary to get an expert to remedy it either through surgery or through alternative medicine. Due to its non-invasive nature, an effective and very popular method is chiropractic treatment in Singapore.

Read on to find out why the incidence of lower back pain is so high in Singapore and what you can do if you happen to be suffering from it too.

Sitting And Spine Health

The Singaporean economy runs on desk jobs, with nearly 60% of Singaporeans employed in high-skilled services where they sit at a desk for more than 9 hours a day. One of the negative effects of sitting for too long is muscle atrophy. Your gluteus muscles and your hip flexors especially pay the price. Hip flexors are the muscle group that contract while your glute muscles expand, allowing you to bring your knee to your chest with ease. Sitting, however, is an unnatural activity where your legs and torso come close together without using the intended muscles. Prolonged sitting can, thus, cause hip flexors to tighten and shorten permanently. One of the hip flexor muscles is attached to your lower spine – the lumbar vertebrae. A tight hip flexor can lead to acute pain in your lower back.

Over time, poor sitting posture can damage your spine and cause recurring neck or back pain.

How Can You Get Some Relief?

In order to prevent a spinal misalignment, you should get off your chair and walk around for a few minutes every half an hour or so. Try stretching exercises like lunges and seated spinal twists. Besides, exercising for about 50 minutes a week is also recommended, yet only 26% of Singaporeans manage this figure. However, if you are already suffering from lower back pain and want some relief, the following will help.

Chiropractic Treatment

Who Are Chiropractors, And Why Should You Trust Them?

Chiropractors are alternative health care technicians who improve the health of your spine and nervous system by non-invasively manipulating your spine without using drugs. Singapore does not recognize them as doctors, and they cannot prescribe medicines. However, countries like Australia have very well-established regulatory norms for chiropractors, and some of the best chiropractors in Singapore are certified by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency.

Before you choose a chiropractic treatment in Singapore, here are a few basic things you must know about what you can expect from the therapy:

What Kind Of Treatment Can You Expect?

Your first visit will consist of a range of examinations to see what problems exist in your spine. You can expect a photographic posture analysis, physical measurement of your range of motions, and other state-of-the-art evaluation techniques. The practitioner gets a deeper understanding of your problem so as to be able to chart out a customized solution for you. Then, depending on your issue, you could be subjected to spinal decompression, along with a host of other techniques to relieve the unnatural stress in your spine.

How Effective Is Chiropractic Treatment?

Chiropractic therapy works on an individual level, and studies suggest that spinal manipulation is beneficial not only in treating lower back pain but also related neck pain and headaches. Overall, most patients are satisfied with treatments. In a survey conducted at reputed chiropractic in Clementi, 95% of them agreed that they would visit again if needed or recommend it to friends.


Chiropractic helps in the early detection and treatment of potentially life-changing spinal misalignments. An increasing number of people have found it to be a safe and effective treatment. By visiting a certified, reputed chiropractor in Singapore, you can assuredly receive help to get rid of your persistent lower back pain.


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