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Reasons Why You Need SEO Services

by Naveen Agarwal

After long consideration, you have brought your business online. Now you expect all the customers rushing to your website and avail of your service. 

Well, we are sorry to burst that bubble. But without a proper SEO strategy in place, you cannot expect to earn quality leads or an authoritative voice in the market. 

Wondering why your website needs SEO services right now? Here are some reasons to check! 

Organic Search Results Drive More Clicks from the Users 

Studies reveal that 47% to 57% of all the searches result in an organic click. If you operate in a competitive business niche, we recommend you to build a potential SEO strategy right now. 

We will tell you the reason behind this. Usually, people believe that the paid ads are manipulated search results and they don’t have enough authority to earn a high rank on their own. Therefore, they skip the results tagged as “Ad”. 

An organic search result on the top of the SERP evokes confidence among the visitors and they invariably check out the website.

Good SEO Means a Positive User Experience 

These days, Google prioritizes user experience over everything (even the keywords!). UX is a crucial metric to score high in Google’s ranking list. 

It is assumed that the better and smoother the user journey on your website, the better is your site SEO. Therefore, if you have an awesome website UX, you can confidently optimize it for the search engine and win a high rank.

It will also influence the customers. When they see a website on the top of the SERP, they expect to have a state-of-the-art user experience and lands on the site.

SEO Builds Credibility

SEO establishes a strong foundation of a brand. We will tell you why. While optimizing your website, you have to take care of multiple aspects: research users’ demand, generate useful content, provide superb user experience, and so on. 

In doing so, you will automatically pose the brand as a reliable voice in the niche you operate in. This helps to earn the users’ trust. And once they have confidence in your site and what you have to say, they won’t hesitate to buy your products or engage your service.

However, we must tell you that it’s not possible to earn trust and credibility overnight. You need to invest a significant amount of time and commitment to drive value. Your patience, dedication and effort will help you to win the users’ trust. Many business owners stop at this point. While they want to become an authoritative figure in the market, they don’t have time or expertise to optimize the site for the search engines. 

Thanks to the availability of the top SEO agency professionals, you can get a chance to focus on your work while the experts take care of improving your rank on the SERP. 

Local SEO Contributes to Increased Traffic & Conversion 

Local SEO is a crucial component in search engine optimization. It aims at optimizing your web presence for a specific vicinity. Therefore, people can find you out easily and quickly. 

Depending on your requirement, local search optimization can focus on cities, regions, towns, and countries. For instance, if you offer a digital service across the globe, you may want to optimize your business for a state. Say, you offer logo design service and your business is based in India. People looking for the service in India may find you out, thanks to your local SEO endeavours. 

Again, if you have a retail store at a specific place, you may want to optimize for a smaller region instead of a country. Say, you own an apparel shop in Delhi and want to bring people residing nearby to your store. In such a case, you should optimize your presence for Delhi instead of pan India. 

Not sure whether engaging local SEO services really sprouts results? We got statistical evidence: 

  • About 46% of all Google searches are local.
  • Over 50% of “near me” searches result in a physical store visit.

[ source: Chatmeter.com ]

SEO is Comparatively Cost-Effective 

This point must have raised your eyebrow! You may wonder “won’t it cost anything to engage an SEO company in India?” 

Sure it will. But SEO is a cost-effective option when you look at the grand scheme of things. Firstly, unlike PPC, here you won’t have to pay anything to the search engine to feature your ad. 

Also, SEO efforts will contribute to enhancing your rank on the search engine, drive organic traffic in the time to come, and also pose you as an authoritative figure in your business niche. After you have earned enough visibility and domain authority, you may not continue professional SEO efforts and still earn traffic and conversion. 


As you can understand, search engine optimization is more of an investment than an expense. In today’s competitive landscape, it is critical to boosting a brand’s online presence. 

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