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Reasons Why You Should Wear Elevator Shoes

by James Vinse
elevator shoes for men

Have you noticed that you have been seeing elevator shoes everywhere on men lately? You see them on actors at red carpet events, prime ministers as they step out of their cars, and on random men casually when you are walking down the street.

There is definitely an uptick of interest in elevator shoes lately since fashion designers and shoe brands like guidomaggichaussuresrehaussantes have added more elevator shoe styles and varieties in the market, making them a lot easier to mix and match with different styles.

While we are raving about the pros of modern elevator shoes, here are some of the best reasons to invest in a pair right now.

Increases Your Height

The biggest advantage of an elevator shoe has got to be that slight boost in height that you get the moment you slip on a pair. It is not too much to make it glaringly noticeable, but just enough for people to wonder if you have done something different that day. Maybe it’s the hair, maybe it’s the new aftershave, or maybe it’s the dashing new pair of shoes. They’ll never know.

It never hurts to get a bit of help in the height department, and if the help comes in a fashionable form, and then why not bask in the beautiful increase in height.

Elevator Shoes vs Platform Shoes

If you have been looking into height-boosting shoes, you may have come across platform shoes in your online searches. If you are not sure what the difference is between platform shoes and elevator shoes, then let us enlighten you.

With platform shoes, the entire shoe is outwardly raised to the same level, from the toes to the heel but it tends to feel flat and bulky. Unfortunately, it also looks flat and bulky and is often uncomfortable to wear. There was a time in the 90s when platform shoes were fashionable for girls to wear but even for women, platforms are now considered too clunky and heavy to wear and even to look at.

A Guidomaggi elevator shoe on the other hand raises the shoe more discreetly with an insole, allowing it to be sported in several styles, from loafers and formal to leather dress shoes and boots! They are not only more comfortable to wear, but also look sleek instead of bulky. Also, it does not hurt that they look pretty damn good.

However, if it is just an added heel, then why don’t we just call them heeled shoes? If we’re going to get technical about it, it’s more than just the heel. Elevator shoes work with three points of elevation, the insoles or the hidden boost, the mid-insoles, and the outer-soles (which may or may not come with a heel).

These three different parts of the shoe are raised discreetly using materials that are still comfortable to your feet, whether it’s rubber or leather. In fact, not all elevator shoes feature visible heels, but they all add a little something to your height.

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