Bodybuilding and athletic performances aren’t just limited for men. And so are SARMs. But, what are the best SARMs for women? Well, only a few SARMs are used by women, do not let someone tell you this. You have a wide range of options available for women too and they are equally beneficial when it comes to bodybuilding, muscle and strength gain. However, one should only consume it in the right dosage and cycle to avoid any potential side effects. Some of the SARMs recommended for women are given below:

Ostarine (MK- 2866)

Ostarine is the most famous SARM for women. It is effective, mild and doesn’t lead to virilization at low dose. The supplement helps you build muscle mass, strength and enhance muscle density and vascularity. You can consume 10mg per day for 4 to 8 weeks to enhance your performance. SARMs are an effective way to build muscles provided you buy high quality from a trusted brand.

Testolone (RAD- 140)

Another amazing SARMs recommended for women is RAD- 140. But, it is suggested that you should use this product only if you are experienced and have precise goals. It is a lot more powerful and strong in comparison to Ostarine. So, if it is your first phase, start with MK- 2866.

Speaking about the dosage, you should consume 5mg per day and gradually increase to 10mg per day. It is a compound recommended for use by women during their second or third cycle. Always ensure that you know how to handle it.

Cardarine (GW- 501516)

Cardarine Canada is a great compound for women and can be used to boost stamina, endurance and fat loss. A lot of female athletes use it for a cycle. The results are great and it has amazing performance-enhancing abilities.

In order to get better results with your stamina, endurance and fat loss, you can stack it with Stenabolic. The stack is quite famous amongst women because they accelerate fat loss. If you want Cardarine to function effectively, it is advised to consume between 10mg to 20mg per day for 4 to 8 weeks, according to your objectives.

Where Can You Buy Cardarine Canada?

It is important to purchase from a reliable vendor. No matter if you want to buy Cardarine Canada or any other SARMs, you should always buy high quality products. Golden SARMs is a reputable store to buy SARMs Canada. They are known to sell high-quality, legit and original products. So, go ahead and place your order and get it delivered at your doorsteps.

SARMs Not Recommended for Women

There are some SARMs which a woman shouldn’t use because of the high risks of side effects involved:

  • S23
  • Andarine
  • LGD- 4033

They are extremely powerful and hence may show some side effects too. The above mentioned SARMs are mild and have no to little side effect. You can use them and enjoy a lot of benefits. So, if you are new to SARMs, then your first SARM should be MK-2866 as it is highly efficient and has very little side effects.