online school ERP

Online School Enterprise Resource Planning (Online School ERP) software is a time tested and robust educational tool that is integrated with many modern modules. This cloud-based software enables educators and faculty to automate and digitise the day-to-day work processes of schools and other educational institutions. It is also known by other names such as School Management Systems, Learning Management System, etc.

This complex software is a centralised platform that simplifies the mundane administrative and non-administrative functions, viz. online fees management, assessments, examination management, online admissions, schedule planning, timetable planning, teaching modules, learning modules, etc. This system improves the overall efficiency, ROI and productivity of an educational institution.

You can practically do any school-related task from the online school ERP system, including homework assignments, assessments, finance management, library management, online admissions management, etc. This unique software offers specialised modules for campus administration, homeschooling management, e-learning facilitation, etc. It will enable you to make thoughtful decisions to enhance faculty and student performance and drive school growth to new heights.

On the one hand, online school ERP eases administrative hassles, enhances efficiency and productivity; on the other hand, it supports all the modern technologies viz. RFID smart cards, email alerts, mobile apps, biometric, etc. It is a highly agile software that can be tailored and customised as per the requirements of your school.


Many ed-tech companies believed that breakthroughs in the traditional education system are needed to automate the managerial and administrative functions of the school. The need to digitise and automate the work processes of the school management system is paramount in the COVID-19 pandemic era. These new systems are needed to manage several activities like fees management, examination management, online admissions, distribution of salaries, etc.


Let’s discuss several benefits of the online ERP system. It provides teachers and students with an e-learning platform making studying and teaching easy and effective. It empowers communication and takes it to the next level. An online ERP keeps the students, teachers and parents in the connectivity loop 24*7 through mobile apps, emails and SMS services. This unique system helps you cutting down on administrative and non-administrative costs by digitisation and going paperless.

It generates various kinds of reports with 100% accuracy with just a click of a button. It saves your administrative department from monotonous tasks. It helps the parents and the school authorities track the students en route, in real-time, to and from home. It enhances the online presence of your school and makes your website more elegant and user friendly. It contributes to showcasing the mission and vision of your school.

It comes with an in-built School Library Management System. This library system manages the access, catalogues, issues and circulation of books effortlessly. It also provides an online admission system that enables better and efficient student enrolment. It also facilitates online fee collection by integrating the payment portal leading to hassle-free fee and payments collection.


Functionality for Multiple Users

The online school ERP can be used by multiple users and members based on their roles by just logging into the platform. They can avoid overburdening by designation dedicated apps for different groups of users – teachers, students, parents, and administrative staff. Everyone can manage and access modules and activities related to them through quick login.

Easy User-Interface

There is no need for technical help from engineers because the user interface is straightforward and easy to use. It is quite interactive and engaging.

Customised Plugins and Modules

The company that will provide you with an online school ERP will provide you with modules that are interlinked and can be tailored according to the requirements of your school. Any feature can be customised as per your needs. The administrative staff can keep a tab on all the operations and record them at their convenience.

Backup & Data Security

Since it’s a cloud-based service, it saves data on the cloud; therefore, the entire data can be easily retrieved. The usual hiccups of decentralised databases are not there in this system. There is the automatic backup of data, and your school doesn’t have to invest in any hardware systems to store the school data.

Eco-friendly and Budget-friendly

As it is a cloud-based service, it reduces paper usage and minimises the resources used. It can generate any kind of report, challans and receipts through its software system. Then you can export these reports in Excel, Word, PDF and several other formats.

Email & SMS Integration

The platform that the online school ERP system provides has a plugin to send regular emails and SMS to parents and guardians about their children’s daily activities to inform them about examinations, attendance, reports, feedback, homework, and various events.

24*7 Client Support

The software provider provides support services to its clients, both online and on-site support, 24*7, to provide any technical help whenever required. Therefore, troubleshooting is straightforward.

Free Demo Available

Most of the online school ERP providers provide free demonstrations. You can book your trial session to understand the user interface and features of this product. Usually, the trial version is available for 30 days, after which you can decide whether to take its subscription or not.

This new technology for schools has been designed to effectively manage all the school tasks, including administrative and non-administrative functions of a school. It will help you monitor the day-to-day activities and school information management quickly and effectively. It protects the data and sensitive information because it provides role-based and restricted access to the registered users.

We have discussed various benefits and best practices of the online school ERP and new technology for schools. You can benefit immensely from its e-learning modules and various features. Also, most of them come with free trial versions. What more can you ask for? Adopt a good one to march forward on a path that will turn your educational institution into a smart school.