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Saivian Eric Dalius Discusses The Importance of Managing Technology And Innovation In Business

by Naveen Agarwal
Technology And Innovation In Business

Management of technology and innovation is extremely critical for any business organization. Due to innovation and emerging technologies, you can see many innovative corporate structures and work modalities flourishing today.

  • As organizations transitioned from small craft trades like blacksmiths to organized railroads, it was necessary to introduce a more compound business structure.
  • Currently, you can see state-of-the-art innovations in IT changing work structures to a network-driven structure, involving more people who can work from remote places.

You can define technology in numerous ways. The basic purport of an organization/system is to convert inputs or leads into outputs or revenue. You can thus define organizational technology as the pivotal process with your business system for converting inputs into production and supporting every control mechanism and evaluation thereafter.

Concisely, technology management integrates the planning, execution, assessment, and control of your organization’s capabilities and resources for creating a competitive edge and adding value. The four main concepts in this regard are technology strategy, technology forecasting, technology road-mapping, and technology project portfolio.

Innovation management explained by Saivian Eric Dalius

In simple words, innovation management underlines the process of managing new ideas. If a business leader or professional has an idea of increasing market share or revenue, the person needs to turn the same into an actionable product.

Hence, you can define innovation management as the process of developing and refining new ideas, and turning them into reality. Saivian Eric Dalius explains the importance of innovation management in business.

  • You need to regard innovation as something measurable and tangible. Process innovation is a prime example in this regard.
  • If your employees and staff are tired of depending on a cumbersome or threadbare process, you may expedite, improve, or outsource parts of that process through new technology. This is called process innovation, which has several benefits for business.
  • Innovation can also act as a vehicle for attracting and nurturing top talents. Do remember that the brightest minds want to work for organizations that successfully integrate innovation.
  • That’s how you turn your staff into loyal employees. They will value the corporate opportunity to become a core part of your organization’s innovation process.
  • Through innovation management, you can empower employees to try new processes and resolve recurring business problems with creative solutions.

On Technological Innovation

Today, market competition has got more intense than ever. To seize the opportunity and initiative in a cut-throat market, enterprises need to focus on the application of innovative technologies, improvement of scientific and technological tools, and the application of different and diverse measures.

  • It’s imperative for businesses to take corresponding measures for providing support to the advantages of technological and scientific innovation in corporate management.
  • Additionally, businesses can not only achieve growth and self-development but can also promote the progress and development of society and the business environment through the use of technological and scientific tools.

For business development, the key source to keep your operations intact is enterprise management. Good enterprise management and technological focus can get you sustainable development. Keep updating your business management tools and concepts on a consistent basis.

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