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Sanitation Services: An Example Set By Assainissement Île De France

by Naveen Agarwal
Sanitation Services

 Global Pandemic 

The past year has been terrifying for all. A pandemic hit us while none of us had ever expected something like this to take place in much less time. The coronavirus outbreak put everything the world and the superpowers boast about to test; be it the United States or India, nobody was prepared for what we all have witnessed in the last 12 months. The countries with the best of medical services couldn’t control the massive outbreak of a virus. Almost 10 million cases around the globe and a hundred thousand deaths prove that we do not have control over everything. Some things are inevitable. But we can always take of ourselves and the people and environment around us. 

Although the pandemic destroyed many families, took many lives, it did teach us to keep hygiene around us. It taught us a lesson about health and sanitation. Not everything is in our control but we can always take all the necessary precautions and hope that things go well. Sanitation is where most developing countries lack; a few developed countries as well. Sanitation is a concept that is similar to hygiene. Sanitation involves the steps to be taken to dispose of all the waste collected and maintain hygiene. Countries across the globe are now focusing more and more on sanitation activities. 

Sanitation in France 

One such country is France and all its islands.  Assainissement Île De France is now top class. Though it was not bad earlier, now it is all the more improved and one of the best in the world. Assainissement Île De France is not restricted to the community level but the citizens ensure their homes, workplaces, and surroundings are clean too. Many sanitation companies have been established that work with best-in-class machines and provide door-to-door sanitation services. These companies and organizations hire staff with basic working skillsets at least and then brush their abilities and help them improve. Once the staff is ready for work, they are employed full-time. 

Assainissement Île De France includes but is not restricted to cleaning of the beaches regularly, proper waste management system, organized methodologies of working, and spreading awareness in the public about the same. The people and the tourists there are now aware of their social responsibilities and also obey all the rules and regulations, especially the ones that are related to hygiene and sanitation. The regular use of sanitizers and masks has contributed to the betterment of the present situation.

The sanitation business has seen a huge boom during this time. The companies that provide hygiene services have been working very hard. The employees of the same are working day and night now to complete their orders and meet the clients’ demands. Companies are falling short of employees as people are worried about contracting the coronavirus and falling sick. They are thinking it is better to stay home for a few days as health should be given the top priority. However, few people who are struggling with their expenses, are working and encouraging others to work. Assainissement Île De France has improved a lot in the last few years. They have done such good work that today, tap water in France is considered safe for drinking according to European standards. 

According to reports, it was found that 95% of the population of France has access to clean drinking water and sanitation services. Also, many sanitation levels are used to compare and rank cities and countries depending on their sanitation service levels. The UN had recognized the ‘human right to water and sanitation back in 2010 and ensured that sanitation becomes a global development priority. The lack and ignorance of sanitation will affect human dignity, public health as well as personal safety. 

Purpose of Sanitation

The primary motive behind promoting sanitation is to create a healthy and safe environment for every living being and protect natural resources. For this, the UN had recognized the ‘human right for water and sanitation in 2010 and since then the world has been prioritizing sanitation. Assainissement Île De France has also improved as the people are becoming more and more aware of the present situation and the adverse effects of bad sanitation practices. If the sanitation system is proper, it creates a barrier between humans and excreta such that the disease transmission cycle breaks easily. Not many countries are developed, most of them are still developing and the challenge these developing countries face is the challenge of practicing sustainable sanitation which includes the technological, social, and institutional challenges. Developing countries lack in providing the best sanitation infrastructure and thus the whole community has to suffer because of the same.

The basic sanitation infrastructure and technologies involve the installation of proper and channelized sewer systems, sewage treatment, and solid waste landfills. This infrastructure is designed in such a way that it ensures the treatment of wastewater and municipal solid waste. Also, it not just about the infrastructure and development that needs to be taken care of but ensuring people understand the need for sanitation is important. The complete sanitation system requires attention and not just the technical aspects. A chain that is formed by combining the concepts of wastewater, excreta, and this chain is referred to as ‘sanitation chain.’ All these factors need to be thoroughly considered and only then can this sanitation chain be formed and taken forward. 

The concept of sanitation looks relatively simple but it is a very complicated and complex system, which one needs to understand; only then can we succeed. Sanitation involves a ton of processes and things that need to be taken into consideration during the implementation of all the sanitation-related systems. Sanitation is something that has been an issue since the beginning of time and we as a species are trying to improve the situation every day. Globally, 9 out of 10 people in rural areas still open defecate while others lack access to basic sanitation. This issue needs to sort out and sanitation should be made a top-tier priority that needs to be addressed now and worked upon to ensure every living beings’ safety. 

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