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by James Vinse
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Is your website thoroughly cleaned and optimized? We are sure you must want to know the answer to this question. Being a website owner is your biggest concern about taking care of your website. Some many scams and problems may get attached to your website. To prevent this scenario and make your website hosting and business secure, you need a scammer site checker. Here in this section, we are going to give a summary of the scammer site checker. Let’s discuss first that what is a website checker?

What is a website checker?

A website checker is a device or application which tells you smartly which part of your website is not optimized and working well according to your business. This is smartly checking the website to make your business successful at running online. It can give you several tips related to your website improvements and cleansing. You can get an advantage from these tips, and it can make you get the total profit from your website.

What does a website checker tool test?

Now, the question is that what a website checker tool tests? Here we will answer as it reviews many aspects of your website which are essential for an online success rate.

It measures;

  • Website speed
  • Website security
  • Website presentation
  • Accessibility via search engines

How does this tool work?

Now how a tool works is a significant curiosity in this section. We will reveal this secret that is a website checker tool visits the specified internet address like it is a visitor on your site or a search engine. Then this tool smartly analyzes the source code on your site. The important mentionable thing is that this does not use customer data for analysis at any time.

Which aspects of the website are assessed by this tool?

Following are the essential aspects of a website which this tool assessed to measure any scamming and viral presence.

Website speed:

A website speed matters because a slow website can become annoying for customers. A scammer checker tool may assess the website speed, and it can help a lot in maintaining the high rate of your website, which might have become very slow due to the viruses and cookies. The checker gives you all the details related to speed and suggests different steps to take any action if needed against the website speed issue.

Be fast as much as you can;

  • Size of your website
  • GZ compression
  • CDN activation

Website security:

The most important function which this tool can manage for your website is your website security. A website should be secure and potentially valuable for a fight all the viruses and cookies because this will make you get your customers’ trust in your website and business. Use this scammer tool and be on the safe side for your business and get excellent online checker reviews.

Be secure by having;

  • Cookie protection
  • Apache status
  • Server version visibility
  • SSL encryption

Search engine visibility:

A scammer site checker must view the search engine visibility as it is the most influential side of a website. A website may perform best when it has the proper SEO performance after all; it’s one of the fastest ways to increase traffic on your website. You can receive handy tips and recommendations for your website from this fantastic tool.

You may get found;

  • Page content
  • Page title
  • Page description
  • Social media
  • Site maps

Website presentation:

A website scam checker tool may assess website presentation that either is working well or not? It suggests you some fantastic tips to enhance customers by using website presentation too. For example, the more friendly a website presentation, the more customers will be there. Now, most people are using mobile phones so having a website presentation excellent of mobile phones is really what you need to engage someone in your website. Other things it may assess to figure out scamming is;

  • Touch icon usage
  • Page title presence
  • Domain length
  • Favicon usage
  • Optimization for mobile devices
  • Be present online

Get more of your business with scammer checker tool:

Other than all the benefits mentioned above, a scammer checker tool may give you various advantages related to domain-free products and maximum online potential.

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