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Select The Best Fabric For Custom Cushion Covers

by Naveen Agarwal
Select The Best Fabric For Custom Cushion Covers

It is important to get yourself the best cushion for your sofa, in order to enhance the look and appearance of the entire furniture. These cushions are soft, comfortable and can make for a great back support. But, these cushions are likely to get dirty quite frequently if you haven’t done anything about it. So, the easy thing to do at this stage is to get some cushion covers. Ass understood from the name itself, these covers are meant for your cushions, giving them a whole new look, matching with the couch cover and more.

Go For The Types Of Best Cushion Covers:

Searching the internet will let you come across some of the best cushion covers. You have so many options lately and selecting any one among the lot can be tough. But, understanding the types of covers can help you make the right choice. So, let’s get going with the available options first.

  • Knife edge seems to be the most common example of scatter cushion cover available. Here, two pieces of fabric are sewn together for around the edges. These cushion covers are mostly square in size.
  • Another type of scatter cushion cover will be the flange. It has flat fabric band around cushion edges. It provides the ultimate flexibility for designers to combine multiple fabrics to create one.
  • Piped cushion cover is for those who are into minimalistic styling approach. These types of custom cushion covers will make everything versatile, stylish and durable. The piping can go with fabric’s color tone and can be used in some contrast. If you use the piping in the same color as that of fabric, then it is termed as “self-piped” cushion.

Other than that, you can try out the boxed or bolster cushion covers, if you want some different styles or additional comfortable support to your cushion respectively.

The Best Fabrics Used:

There are so many fabrics used for manufacturing cushion cover but linen and cotton are the best options so far. These options are both washable and hard wearing. They are also termed as natural fibers and are preferred choices for those with sensitive skins. These fabrics are also pretty cool to touch and great choice for the summer months.

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