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Just recently, an aspiring writer from Alabama, Timothy Centner, sold 3 projects (all ideas for reality-based programming) to a producer who uses The Television Writers Vault for finding new projects. Prior to that, Jon Stewart of Illinois sold his idea for a reality-based program built around his own life to a head executive for Fox Television Studios.

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You may have the most inspiring story or script any producer could read, but unless you can boil that story or concept into a brief synopsis with a highly marketable “logline”, a producer will never invest the time in reading the entire script or treatment, leaving no chance of any deal to be offered. Checkout the rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai season 2.

A “Logline” is a one or two sentence description that tells the basic idea and purpose of a show. Loglines for the sake of pitching a project are similar to a TV Guide description, but more specific in describing the idea of the show. This is the catalyst for increasing the odds of selling any script or idea to Hollywood.

A great logline should provoke interest and inspire the TV producer to see it’s potential. The following are examples of could-be loglines for current television shows:

– “Ordinary people face their fears by competing against each other in outrageously devised stunts” – Fear Factor

– “A likeable husband’s marriage and tolerance is tested by the constant intrusion of his overbearing parents and dim-witted brother” – Everybody Loves Raymond

– “Twenty women will court and compete to win the affections of one man who will narrow the selection until he must decide on his one true love.” – The Bachelor

– “Contestants’ general knowledge will be tested when given the answers to questions they must then form.” – Jeopardy

Another important facet of marketing your projects to the entertainment industry is the protection and “proof-of-creation” as the Author. An aspiring writer need not be a member of any union to get protection for their writing. The Creators Vault  is an online archive where writers may receive electronic proof of creation for their projects. The Writers Guild of America also provides a registry service to writers online. Also checkout the New Amsterdam Season 3 UK.

When finally offered an “option deal” by a producer who wants to buy your project, you’ll then want to seek the counsel of an entertainment attorney to help negotiate the specific terms of any agreement. Most often, the writer is paid token monies upfront for the company to have exclusive right to sell and produce the project with any network or third party buyer. Once a project reaches production, the writer receives the negotiated “purchase price” (usually a much larger sum than the option monies), and will receive a small percentage of participation in the fees received by the production company for producing the show.

Keep inspired. Look at your life and the world around you to find fresh and compelling stories and subjects. If you roll up your sleeves and dedicate yourself to the work necessary Free Articles, you just might sell the next groundbreaking idea for a show to Hollywood.