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She Said “YES”: 6 Creative Ways To Propose To Your Partner

by Naveen Agarwal
6 Creative Ways To Propose To Your Partner

Have you ever found yourself just looking at a special person and thinking that she is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with? Have you ever thought about wanting to tie that knot with her and face forever with her? If you are thinking about proposing marriage to someone special to you, we say “good luck and go for it!” But if you are still tongue-tied and clueless about how you are going to propose, you are one lucky lover! This is because today we give you a few tips on how to propose creatively to your partner!

1. Give a Gift

Let us start first with the basics, but not as basic as pulling out a ring and kneeling on one knee. If you want to make your marriage proposal casual and discreet but intimate and romantic at the same time, giving a gift where you can hide your engagement ring may be your option. Some people would give their partners gifts, and just when their partner becomes delighted about the gift, they are in for a bigger surprise with a ring hidden underneath. As for what gift, there are lots of options out there under the sun, but we suggest something where you can easily put the ring. Pieces of jewelry can also be your option, or glamorous watches like Glashutte Original watches, Rolex, or Casio if you want something a bit more affordable.

2. Photo Booth Proposals

Do you want to surprise your partner and capture her raw emotions as you propose to them at the same time? Photo booth proposals will be your best choice here! With photo booth proposals, all you have to do is invite your partner out for a date and try out one of those photo booths. Now, as the camera flashes, take out your ring and propose to her, all while pictures are being taken. You will see raw emotions as they become truly surprised by your proposal. These photos are surely keepsakes that you can look back on through the years.

3. Scavenger Hunt Proposals

If you are the type of couple who love riddles, treasure hunts, and solving problems, scavenger hunt proposals are the best gig for you! Scatter clues to which your partner should find answers. Make use of your intimate memories, inside jokes, and important moments. Just as your partner brainstorms about answering your riddles, they will also have sweet reminiscences about your relationship. In the last stage of the treasure hunt awaits the engagement ring where you can finally propose to your partner.

 4. Reminiscent Proposals

Now that we are talking about becoming nostalgic about memories during your relationship, both the ups and downs, why not start from there? You can either keep a collection of photos, mementos, notes, and other things inside a box where your partner would go through one by one. Play one of your nostalgic songs for background music and finally, include your engagement ring in the box.

5. Trekking Proposals

This is the best for those types of couples who are adventurous and love to also stay fit at the same time. For one of your escapades, try mountain climbing or wall climbing—anything that would bring you to heights where there will be the best view of the sky, the mountains, and just the expanse of it all. Of course, you will be together throughout the entire climbing and trekking experience. Once you reach the top, this is where you will now get down on one knee and propose to your partner. You can also improvise or change your way of proposing, instead of kneeling.

6. Movie Proposals

You can make a movie from all the pictures and videos that you have gathered. Of course, this would be more successful If you have a rich collection of movies and videos. So, if you are the type of partner who loves taking pictures and videos or share any hobby related to documentation, this might be the best option for you. At the end of the movie, you will then pop the big question.

Get to Know Your Partner

Here are just some ideas we have thought about how you can add spice to your marriage proposal. Since we are headed to new and more informed times, we now veer away from proposals that are emotionally manipulative and would put your partner in an awkward position. This is why it is important to consider the intimacy of your proposal and if it suits your partner’s preferences, thereby making them more comfortable. Besides, your moments together and how you work on your relationship as a team are your strong bases with the big chapter that is about to unfold should she answer your question with a “Yes!”

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