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Shoppable Instagram Feed: Engage, Inspire, & Convert Customer Through Content

by Naveen Agarwal
Shoppable Instagram Feeds on your website.

With the fact that 70% of people use Instagram to search or discover new products, we can say that Instagram is your must-marketing tool to bring more sales, revenues, and satisfied customers.

Instagram is a multimillion daily active users platform, consisting of millions of users from different parts of the world; this shows that Instagram has a huge impact on your customers’ behavior.

As the craze of Instagram is growing exponentially among the people, it is a huge opportunity for brands and marketers to divert their marketing efforts on leveraging sales through Instagram.

By the context, marketers have started creating their Instagram accounts, reaching their targeted audience, and building direct communication with their customers.

But do you know Instagram has many more advantages than raising customer & brand relationships?

In this article, you will come to know about the amazing tactic to leverage sales Instagram Feeds and turn them into Shoppable Posts on your eCommerce website.

But, what is Shoppable Instagram Feed? How to create a Shoppable Instagram feed on a website?

If you are wondering the same, then keep on reading. You will get all answers and effective solutions to enhance your eCommerce conversion with compelling Shoppable Instagram Feeds on your website.

Keep reading..!

What Is Shoppable Instagram Feed?

As per Taggbox’s definition, “Shoppable Instagram feed means making Instagram posts shoppable – be it profile posts, mention posts, or user-generated posts from brand hashtags.”

Shoppable Instagram Feed is an Instagram image in which products are tagged with buy link features in the image.

With Shoppable Instagram feed functionality, marketers can convert Instagram images into shoppable images, where customers can buy their favorite products directly from the image.

You can collect Instagram images that consist of your brand products, tag the product link with their brief product description, and insert a buy button.

So from now, whenever you see Instagram images with shopping bag icons or tagged products on the website, remember that it’s a Shoppable Instagram Feed.

Why Use Shoppable Instagram Feeds On Websites?

As mentioned above, 70% of Instagram users discover new products on Instagram. People feel confident when making purchase decisions when they find new products on Instagram. Instagram images influence them to buy the product that their friends, followers, influencers, or others use.

Here are few quick facts about Instagram Marketing Statistics:

  • 38% of Instagram users buy products after discovering them on Instagram.
  • 81% of Instagram users are outside of the United States
  • 51% are female Instagram users, and 49% are male Instagram users
  • 90% of Instagram users find user-generated content effective
  • 130 million users tap on the Shoppable Instagram Feeds to learn more about the tagged product/s.
  • 50% of Instagram users visit the website to check or buy the product featuring in the posts

These are some eye-catching Instagram marketing stats, defining the huge benefits of a Shoppable Instagram feed for business. Marketers can utilize these stats and create effective marketing campaigns to boost their brand sales and build high revenue-generating websites.

Other than this, Shoppable Instagram Feeds on your brand or eCommerce website lay an influential impression and steal their attention. Some other amazing benefits of Shoppable Instagram Feeds can be these:

  • Increase Audience Engagement
  • Drive More Traffic
  • Build Customer Trust & Loyalty
  • Boost Authenticity of Website
  • Enhance Customer Interaction
  • Add Unique Content
  • Boost Conversion Rate On Your Website

Displaying Instagram content has enormous potential. It will inform your website audience about your official Instagram profile. It also improves your audience’s experience on your website and gives them a similar social media feel while interacting with your website.

Also, Instagram posts on your eCommerce website work as reviews or testimonials from Instagram users that are authentic, interesting, and trustworthy to your potential customers.

These are the factors that every brand requires to nurture in their marketing campaign, as only then will the audience like to turn into loyal and lifelong customers.

Check below how you can create shoppable Instagram feeds on your website.

How To Leverage Conversions With Shoppable Instagram Feed?

You might or might not be aware of creating a Shoppable Instagram feed on your Instagram account. To create Shoppable Instagram Feeds on Instagram, you have to fulfill some mandatory requirements or criteria; only then will you make Instagram posts shoppable.

However, to add Shoppable Instagram Feed on your website, you do not need to abide by any requirements, except having a business account on Instagram.

Several Social Commerce platforms offer tools and functionalities to create Shoppable Instagram Feeds on your website.

They offer easily accessible features to collect & customize Instagram Posts using hashtags, handles, etc. Marketers can add their inventory on these platforms and tag the particular product/s in the image, write product description, and add CTA so that you can create exactly in the same way as Shoppable Instagram Feeds on Instagram.

Social Commerce platforms allow marketers to embed Shoppable Instagram Feed on their website in a code-free integration.

Final Words

That’s all; now you can create your own Shoppable Instagram Feeds for your eCommerce website and increase your audience interaction, engagement, and conversion with your products.

You can use social commerce platforms to enhance your website with beautifully designed Shoppable Instagram posts.

So what are you waiting for? Start enhancing your eCommerce website and increase your sales.

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