CRM software

For businesses that are small to medium in size the most common request when it comes to sales CRM software is that it improves communications online and it speeds up the process between a complaint or query from a customer and resolving that issue. For many of these businesses the better option for them rather than having an onsite system is to choose an internet based service that offers great customer support with features like live chat and perhaps support too for purchasing online.

It is an efficient option and with the right service is affordable too. If you are looking at speeding up your response to customers, raising sales and having a more personalized website then even options at the lower end in cost for online CRM solutions are good. Here is a brief exploration of some of the options you might consider.

LivePerson – There are two options, Basic and Enterprise and you get live chat and email support, and a number of options for customizing features for your business needs. Good for a number of industries and there is a good range of services such as case studies, online marketing and improving how shopping carts work online.
SupportWizard – There are three CRM software options, you can outright buy it, rent it from them or let them do the hosting. It includes live chat, interactive FAQs and Boolean search ability so you look at interactions with the customer in the past. You can customize more than with some other internet options but that does come at a higher price. Great customer support, regular upgrades and patches and data from phones, email and live chat are stored in one database.
GroopZ – This includes that ability to transfer whole chat strings from one customer rep to another using customer routing software. It has an efficient system for the filing of customer data and transcripts of the chat. Boosting customer relations the sales CRM software includes before and after questions for customers about their experience. There are also templates for answers to commonly asked questions so customers can easily get the answers they need and not have to contact customer service about it leaving them with more time for other work.
BoldChat – You can get free CRM software for a limited time to try it out and then there is a base option and a customized option for more money. Both have customer service live chat but the customized option means there are windows you can personalize and more options available to mold to your business needs.
CSLive – This is a comprehensive solution for small and medium businesses offering the usual services you would expect like email, live chat and so on but with some added features. You have a filing system and tracking system, a server when you can upload data that you can refer customers to, as well as a message center too.


Whether you find free CRM software or choose to pay for it on a monthly basis or download it to your own server, there are great opportunities for better understanding your customers and then meeting their needs and boosting profits.