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Step-By-Step Guide To Buy Glasses Online From Specscart

by Naveen Agarwal
Step-By-Step Guide To Buy Glasses Online From Specscart

In this digital age, we all love to buy things online. But, most people are afraid to shop for eyewear virtually. Whether it is about quality or the fear of getting the wrong prescription, one thing or the other holds them back from buying spectacle online.

We know you like to try your frames before you buy, which is why you like to shop for your glasses in person. But, when you buy from Specscart, you don’t have to worry about these problems.

To make a smart online purchase, you have to be a smart customer yourself. Make sure you go through the services and privacy policies of online retailers before you buy from them.

If you have been purchasing glasses from a local eyewear shop, now is the time to switch  online and save money on your spectacles.

We know you are new to this and need some help. Here is a complete guide that will help you to order glasses from Specscart.

Know What Your Prescription Is

If you’ve been looking to buy glasses online, you need the latest prescription. When you had your eyes checked by an optometrist or ophthalmologist, they must have given you a prescribed optical power and your pupillary distance.

You will need this information handy when you are placing an online order. The most common mistake that people make when entering their prescription online is to wrongly put the “+” and “-” values. The importance of these values cannot be stressed enough.

So when you are entering your eye prescription, double check it to make sure that the information given is correct.

Choose The Right Frame Style

If you are an eyewear enthusiast, you probably have decided which frame you want to buy. The choices are endless when you buy from Specscart. But, if you are shopping for the first frame of your life, make sure you know which style will flatter your face shape and skin tone the most.

To help you in this matter, we suggest you go with frame shapes that give what your face shape misses. For instance, if you have an angular face, look for something in round frames. However, if your face shape is round or circular, angular glasses in rectangular or squarish shapes will suit you the best.

Considering frame style is equally important when you are buying prescription and non-prescription glasses.

Also, pick the right frame measurements so the frame isn’t either too tight or too loose on your face. You don’t have to worry about how the frame is going to look on you as we have virtual try on facility on our website.

But in case you want to physically try them, we also offer try on glasses at home service where you can order up to 4 frames and take them for a 7-days spin. After that, you can return the frames and order the one (or maybe all four of them) you liked.

Choose Lens Coatings

While you get protective lens coatings for free on every pair of glasses when you buy from Specscart, there are some additional coatings such as blue light that you will need to pay for.

If you spend more than 6 hours daily on a digital device, you can benefit from the blue light coating. Also, if your prescription is strong and you don’t want to carry around the weight of thick lenses, you can opt for high index lenses. They are thin and made with the same prescription as thick lenses.

 In case you need any extra lens coating, make sure you choose it in this step.

Take A Quick Review Of Their Return Policy

Don’t place the order just yet. Make sure you go through the retailer’s return policy to know how much cost you will have to bear in case you return the item.

Luckily at Specscart, we have a free return policy so if you don’t like a frame, you can return it to us without paying any extra cost.

Place Your Order

Now that you have picked the frame, lens type and went through the return policy, now is the time to place your order.

Specscart has a selected range of glasses that you can get at 70% less cost than the high street shops. Also, you can expect next day delivery for glasses online when you buy from Specscart.

So what are you looking for? You have got the frame selected and are already saving on the purchase. So go ahead and place the order.

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