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What Strategy Should Be Adopted To Score Maximum Marks In The SSC CGL Exam?

by Naveen Agarwal

The SSC CGL test is extremely popular and significant for graduates in India since the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is one of the most prominent employment opportunities available today. SSC CGL 2020-21 is not particularly tough to crack, but it does require a great deal of practice and planned preparation.

Only a few hundred thousand candidates are included on the list of chosen candidates. To begin SSC CGL preparation, you must know SSC CGL Syllabus and choose suitable SSC CGL study material and relevant SSC CGL books.

Each year, the Workers Selection Commission (SSC) organizes the SSC CGL Exam to recruit staff for many prestigious government organizations. The examination is divided into four tiers:

  •  Tier 1 (Preliminary Exam)
  •  Tier 2 (Mains)
  •  Tier 3 (Descriptive)
  •  Tier 4 (DEST/CPT).

SSC CGL Preparation

When you begin preparing for the SSC CGL, several questions may come to your mind, such as how you may pass the SSC CGL Exam without coaching or self-study, or what are the ideas that will assist you in properly planning your study?

Leaving those worries aside, you should practice the previous year’s papers so that you may manage your time effectively by tackling simple questions first. As you become familiar with the test format, you will feel more comfortable and confident.

Additionally, you should practice the Mock Tests 1-2 months before the test since they will help you gain confidence for the SSC exam and will also improve your speed in answering the questions.

The SSC CGL General Awareness is the most critical and also the most challenging portion of the test. To improve your command of GK for SSC CGL, you should be familiar with all disciplines such as history, geography, political education, science, and current events.

The CGL examination is quite competitive. However, by taking a sufficient number of SSC online practice exams, you can ensure your success in the exam. The exams assess the candidate for the following principles, and understanding them will assist you in building an effective approach to preparing for this exam.

SSC CGL Subject-Wise Preparation Tips

Reasoning/General Intelligence:

This component assesses the candidate’s ability to reason rationally and swiftly solve issues. While the questions may appear straightforward, they can be tough at times. One must work hard to develop the necessary skills for answering these questions.

Analogy, word arrangement, the odd man out, alphanumeric series, Venn diagrams, and coding-decoding are just a few of the themes that frequently emerge as questions in this section. The trick to overcoming this part is to increase your pace. To master this area, you must take several SSC mock examinations online.

Quantitative Aptitude:

A thorough understanding of all topics covered in aptitude is required. This component is critical for both Tier-1 and Tier-2 tests. You must memorize all of the maths formulae associated with the subjects covered in this section.

Begin by taking many SSC online exams in conjunction with your studies to familiarise yourself with the question pattern. Geometry, trigonometry, algebra, bars, charts, graphs, number system, time and distance, ratio/average, simple interest, and compound interest are just a few of the subjects on which questions are commonly asked.

English Language:

It is tested in both Tier-I and Tier-II Exams, and so preparation for this area must be thorough. This may be one part that contributes significantly to your total grade. Daily reading and practice of questions can help you improve your speed. Sentence correction, paraphrasing, comprehension reading, idioms/phrases, synonyms/antonyms, identifying faults, and sentence structure are all critical topics to address.

General Studies:

This part may include questions on a variety of subjects such as biology, chemistry, politics, and economics. It is a critical portion of the SSC CGL 2018 Exam. Regular reading and being informed about the numerous events occurring in each of these subjects will help you score well.

These are the primary areas on which you must concentrate your efforts to pass the critical SSC examinations. Each of these tests requires rigorous work to pass. Continue taking SSC mock online tests to improve your awareness of questions and speed. Taking help from BYJU’S Exam Prep is another great way to prepare for your SSC examination.

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