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The Follower Count Ascent: 5 Secrets For Instagrammers

by Naveen Agarwal

Instagram has one of the most significant user counts in the social networking pool; according to Backlinko, it is the sixth-largest social network globally, with one billion active users monthly.

Therefore, it is a preferred site for businesses and influencers to run their marketing and advertising strategies. The maximum number of gen z users is glued to the variety of facets Instagram offers.

The chain of followers establishes a broader network of people to connect and engage with. The pool garners the views and lead generation every business strives to attain to boost their sales and promote their brand reputation.

Do you want to increase your follower count to develop a reputable profile on Instagram? From brand awareness to product marketing, you can use Instagram for all. Here are the 5 proven (secret!) ways:-

Be Credible and Follow-Worthy

People look up to the sun because of its potential; they build a profile on Instagram that emanates sturdiness, professionalism, and an approachable aura.

Personalize the space according to the needs, goals, and objectives of the business. Even though you follow customizing the posts with current trends, do not lose your originality.

Also, have a robust online presence, regular updates and posting of posts and stories, and entertaining customer queries patiently contribute to follower growth.

A slight piece of advice is to keep the username of the business account as simple as possible as long and confusing usernames are less searched.

Hashtags and Tagging

According to the goals and objectives of the business, the audience that you target might have some personal preferences. Get detailed knowledge regarding the kind of content your target audience might view and use hashtags according to that.

If the calculations come out correct, you will direct your targeted customers to your post and account using the hashtags they probably follow.

If hashtags are indirect grounds of magnetic pull, tagging is the face-off. Tag related and right people so that the followers of the tagged person might happen to catch your post in their tagged posts section. You can also tag some influencers and celebrities if the nature of your business allows it.

Filters and Reposts

There are several filters available on Instagram. Now, a user can surf through several accounts at once by using the reference of a mere filter. Therefore, if you use the newly released filters, or widely used or fall in the current trend of social media, users might be able to come tracking your account.

You can connect with other small businesses and offer a partnership or sponsorship by reposting each other’s posts.

In this way, both the parties will mutually benefit from each other’s followers.

Engage With Current Followers

Customer retention is the most critical yet challenging task for any business. It involves using several tactics like posts announcing discounts or customer loyalty programs or hosting giveaways and competitions with beneficial rewards.

You can also send some limited edition offers or Instagram stories priorly to the selected followers who have always been active to feel included in the community. Their positive reviews will garner more followers.

However, maintain your dignified professionalism and the mesh of friendliness while conversing with the followers or customers.

Third-party help

The tools utilized to increase the follower count are catalysts like Later, Ingramer (now Inflact), Repost, and several others.

For Later schedules, your post drafts to be posted at a particular time automatically so that you do not have to worry about posting it yourself. Along with monitoring and detailed insights of hashtags, Ingramer acts as the all-rounder customer service builder by creating a close-knit community with the followers and upgrading the standard of the business profile.

While getting real followers from shedding your sweat and blood, it takes a considerable amount of time to succeed in reaching some venerable counts.

Instead of squeaking into a shrinking violet because of the long and arduous efforts, why not buy 5000 Instagram followers right away who are genuine and elevate the online presence of your work profile that too at affordable prices with guaranteed safety and security!

Your reach will extend further, and the audience will find it compelling to connect with you.

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