How to Keep Your Children Entertained During the Pandemic

The importance of technology in our lives is known to all. The advantages of media and digital equipment can do wonders if used rightly. Similarly, it should not come to you as a surprise that your kids need to be accustomed to the right age-based technology to help them reach their developmental milestones.

This is a must-read for parents and will help them to wisely implement the usage of technology into their child’s life. The smile of your child, his/her first steps, and the first word uttered are surely part of the parenting goals of the parents. However, in this modern era, parents need to set many digital accomplishments for their kids so they can compete with the world with the right pace.

Considering the latest in technology news for child development, here we have listed down the right technology for kids at every age:

The Button Pusher for Infant Child (0 To 12 Months)

At the age of infancy, you can consider introducing your child to some electronic gadgets.   For example, a simple digital gadget that can light up and play music when your child presses a specific button. In this case, learning the effect of pressing the button will teach your child to press the button.

Most experts believe that this age isn’t appropriate for your child to use mobile phones because it could be hazardous for their health. So with our technology news for child development, you can conclude that button pusher is recommended for your child instead of mobile phones.

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The High-Tech Mimic for Toddlers (1 to 2 Years)

This is an ideal age to expose your child to improved learning TV shows such as ‘Dora The Explorer,’ Blue’s Clues,’ and so on.  These shows are particularly entertaining and it is the best way to learn new things, especially for young children. However, you must be vigilant to limit your child’s TV time to only two hours a day. Most experts believe that two hours of TV time is suitable for kids without their wellbeing being affected.

For the toddler group, age-appropriate technical devices include:

  • Shows like ‘Dora The Explorer’ on educational TV,’ Super Why!’, ‘The Clues of Blue’ etc.
  • Cause and effect applications

The E-book Reader for Toddlers (2 To 3 Years)

At the age of pre-schooling, you should introduce your child to diverse children’s books. You can adopt a smart way to integrate reading into your child’s life by buying an e-book reader that can carry thousands of books. Some e-readers do have the ability to read the book out loud, enabling your child to read the book independently without disturbing your schedule. Ensure that the content on your phone is child-safe. You can also download applications to test their ability to distinguish shapes and objects.

For the preschooler group, age-appropriate technical devices include:

  • Story-reading on an e-book reader
  • Apps for identifying hidden objects or describing shapes
  • Electronic gadgets to help him learn new words & numbers

 The Swiper Tabs for Preschoolers (3 To 4 Years)

It is a perfect age to expose your child to a tablet for very limited use. This will strengthen hand-eye coordination of your child by learning how to swipe and unlock. Over time, he would be able to open the tablet without even thinking. Download applications on the tablet to test his abilities. These applications can be interesting, fun and educational and will give him an incentive to learn how to use the tablet. However, make sure that you have set a limited time for it, as he shouldn’t get hooked overusing the device.

For the preschooler group, age-appropriate technical devices include:

  • Tablet use
  • Apps that require matching games or solving easy puzzles to enhance his skills

 The World Wide Wanderer for Schoolers (4 To 5 Years)

Here, your child must incorporate slightly more complicated applications on the tablet and concentrate on drawing and expressing himself using the tablet, as an introduction to computers is necessary for schoolers since they play a significant role in education. Using a proper stylus is equivalent to using a pencil or colour marker that he already is doing at school. There are numerous applications available that will enable your child to draw and colour and make drawings.

For the schooler group, age-appropriate technical devices include:

  • Usage of a stylus
  • Drawing and simple editing applications
  • Usage of the internet under parenting supervision
  • Make your child play video games with the family.

During a child’s growth, technology can prove to be an incredibly helpful and effective tool. Technology, if used cautiously and appropriately, can teach your child many things, especially how to express himself in unthinkable ways. However, it is your duty as a parent to set limits and expose him to useful and inspiring knowledge only.  Make sure that all adult content is restricted for the tablets and cell phones your child is using. It is also necessary that you monitor his use of the internet. He shouldn’t be using the internet at a very young age without your involvement. Set borders and make sure that your kids understand these limits.

We hope that this technology news for child development will be beneficial for you and that you will try to implement these. You can also consider jellycat for your kids. Jellycat is also a trending toy that you can prefer for your kids.