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Tips to Pass the Certified Scrum Master Exam

by James Vinse

Certified Scrum Master is a type of certification provided by the Scrum Alliances to certify the knowledge and skill of a deserving candidate pertaining to the Scrum framework on the basis of marks they have scored in the certification examination. It can also be referred to as the CSM certification. The certification focuses on the talent of the said candidate regarding the skills and technologies Mastered of the Scrum framework. The Scrum framework is based on agile principles mostly and helps to maximize profit, whereas making an effort to minimize the production of wastes and faulty products. Thus, an organization looks forward to hiring an individual with the certification of the Scrum Master, which may include options like A – CSM, CSP – SM, CSM, etc. The CSM certification is better than the lot.

Prerequisites for applying for the CSM test: – minimum of 21 hours of formal agile education, At least a secondary degree, and 2000 hours of general project experience, and at least 1500 hours of project experience that are based on agile techniques are the requirements to be eligible for the said certification. The candidate also has to get at least 2 days of training under a certified Scrum trainer in order to be eligible for the test.

The number of questions: – The CSM certification test consists of only 50 questions to be answered by the candidate.

Duration: – The certification test is of one-hour duration within which all the questions must be answered.

Passing marks: – To avail of the certification of CSM, the candidate needs to clear in at least 37 questions, i.e., obtain 74% pass marks.

Cost of the certification: – The CSM certification can be achieved with a minimal application fee. The applicant requires to pay only USD $ 29 to apply for the certification examination.

Language: – This test can appear in 13 different languages.

Salary: – The salary of a Scrum certified CSM is at least USD $ 90 000 per year, which is approximately about 14 lakhs in Indian Rupees.

Training and preparation for the CSM certification test: – The CSM certification is not that difficult to pass and can be passed with hard work and perseverance, although undertaking a course is compulsory to appear in the exam. The Scrum Alliances provide training for CSM aspiring candidates as well as they can also be found on several other sites and scheduled as per the convenience of the candidate.

Simple steps to pass the CSM certification test:-

– Enrol yourself in a credible source of CSM training as it is a compulsory requirement.

– For self-study, prepare a chart including the syllabus and your available time for study.

– The syllabus should be properly divided into categories such as the areas that you already are confident of, areas that still need preparation, areas that require revision, etc.

– The next is to plan out the syllabus according to the time you can dedicate towards self-preparation. Here you need to calculate the time remaining for the exam from the present day. Be stringent while calculating time so that you are left with plenty of time for revision.

– Start out with equal importance to every concept. Try to go to the roots of the concepts and techniques. Leave not the topic until completely understood.

– The best way to learn new things is to apply them. Apply the learned concepts and solutions to real-life scenarios that may arise in due course of project management.

– Once done with the syllabus, the revision comes next.

– Choose good sources of online as well as textual mock papers.

– Take enough rest and start out for the examination.

– Submit the test and wait for the certificate.

Scrum is an outstanding framework for IT organizations that can be used to minimize faulty production and thus increase the profit of the organization. Scrum provides for several responsibilities such as product owner, Scrum team, Scrum Master, etc. The Scrum Master is an individual that handles a Scrum team responsible for a project and maintains the decorum, meanwhile ensuring correct application of Scrum to the project execution. A candidate aiming for a better future as a Scrum Master can be certified with the CSM using the tips mentioned above.

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